I have a crush on resort wear.
There is nothing more lust worthy to me than a bright, fresh crop of dresses, cover ups and sandals in the dead of winter. Honestly, in real life, I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to sneak away from Winter and never want to waste any money on clothes when we can spend that money on experiences as a couple/family. This year, I took key pieces on our trip to St. Maarten that were all less than $75! 
Here are my faves

This maxi dress is unreal. So, so comfy, loose and still flattering. 

In these pics, the wind is playing with the shape but V neck and back detail was so flattering. I’m going to grab one in black for summer in South Carolina. I can imagine it with a turquoise pendant necklace, jean jacket and flip flops. Heaven. 
P.S. you can wear a strapless bra under it! 

Old Navy is really killing it this year and this dress is a perfect example.

It has just enough structure to be flattering but still super soft and comfy. 
There is a gold zip detail on the back that adds a bit of glam and makes it look more expensive than it is! 

This dress is a bit shorter than I envisioned when I purchased but I felt like I could get away with it at the beach. While I won’t be running errands in it this summer, I def would if I could! It can easily be dressed down and tossed over a bathing suit or dressed up a bit with these earrings and a great pair of wedges like these. Update: it’s currently sold out, but this one from the same boutique, Pomp and Circumstance, is very similar in shape and style.  

This was my go to outfit to run to the grocery store and when we flew out from St. Maarten to Boston. I’m totally into these mint jeans….I can’t wait to pair them with navy and white for our house hunting trips to Greenville. 
| jeans | top
I tossed a million things into this tote and carried it with us wherever we went – it became my diaper bag, beach bag and purse. Because it’s canvas, it took up zero space in my suitcase and was easily balled up for travel. 

| hat | tote
Ok, is it just me or is traveling with a hat impossible? I’ve ruined two hats by getting them wet with salt water and then ultimately crushing them in my suitcase. I’m not into buying expensive hats. This baby was from Target last year and is still holding on! I stuff my undies into it when I pack it in my suitcase and that helps hold the shape when it’s packed in the suitcase. Because this cheap one was a success, I’m sticking with what works and heading to Old Navy to grab this little lady ASAP.

| headband | sunglasses |

And for the grand finale, my favorite headband and my favorite $10 sunnies. These oversized Wayfarer style sunglasses are so dark that they are perfect for the Carribean sun (or the Maine snow)! The next time you order something from Amazon, add those babies on to your order – trust me, you won’t be sorry!

Other items that made it into the precious luggage space:
these wedges (my all.time.fave.), this cover up and this one piece (on crazy sale!).

The babe scored some Resort goodies before our trip too!

I died for this little swim diaper, his tiny rash guard, bucket sun hat and his teensy Wayfarer knock offs!

And of course, all were super inexpensive! 
What are your go to steals for warm weather?