This morning we woke up in our new home town of Greenville, SC. If you’re keeping track (uh, if you are, kudos, because I can’t even do that), we were home in Maine for roughly 36 hours before we hit the skies again. 

Just like our move to Maine, this move will take place at break neck speed and with just enough chaos to send me running for my secret stash of Ativan. But you know what they say: 

So here are the details that we know at this point: 

We put our house in Maine on the market in November (which is terrible timing for Northern Maine….holidays plus feet of snow equal no showings). We were pleased with the amount of showings our house pulled off and the week before we left for St. Maarten we entered a multi-bid situation and accepted an offer! Because of our corporate relocation program, we technically no longer own our home in Maine and have already taken the moola to the bank! 

Now that we are homeless, things are going a little bit bonkers. Our Household Goods Move (code for “packing up all of our shit”) is scheduled for February 23-25….meaning we have to have somewhere for our crap to go ASAP. 

Greenville is an incredibly competitive housing market – in fact, we put an ofer in on a house in a great neighborhood while we were in St. Maarten….sight unseen. (Yeeeees, that is how we bought our house in Maine too.) A quick Face Time tour and we put in an offer after the house had only been on the market for 24 hours. We were offer #5 and sadly were not the bid chosen. So, now we start again. 

Over the course of this week, Justin will work out of his Greenville office and Gray and I will drive our fave ‘hoods looking for fresh For Sale signage. We’re also on the hunt for a month to month apartment because we obviously won’t own a home in time for our official re-lo. 

And get this: it’s too cold in Maine for us to fly the dog down so Justin is going to have to drive her….the one and only time we drove from SC to ME it took us 24 hours of driving. I’ll be flying the baby and setting up our apartment while he suffers through that. I do like to give that kid crap, but honestly, I feel super bad that he has to make that miserable drive.

We will officially be SC residents by March 1 at the very latest…just 20 short days away. 

Lawd, help me.
(and yes, my accent is back. I just can’t help it.)

So now I need ya’lls help! What Greenville bloggers do I need to follow, meet and chat with?? Tell me, tell me!