Ok, so maybe a 9 month old won’t be super into an Easter Basket, but I know a girl who had (maybe a little too much) fun putting it together for him! 
Because he’s just a little babe, I thought I should probably temper my gift buying enthusiasm and make sure to stuff his basket with things that he (might) actually need in the coming months. If you’re in a jam for what to stuff in your chick’s basket, take a peek at my list. 
Bonus: it’s almost 100% gender neutral! 
We live on the edge and take our bath tub books on dry land and our stuffed teething toys into the bath tub. What can I say? We’re rebels. 
 Nuby Bath Book c/o Nuby USA 
I’m not sure what it is about the texture of this book, but the babe loves to teeth on it, whether he’s wet or dry. Obviously, it’s a hit in the tub because he can grasp it in his little fingers and wave it around spastically as he’s squealing about getting a scrub down. I like it because it’s easy to clean – no little holes to collect water and grow mold, a simple wipe down and it’s good to go.
 Nuby Fuity Chew c/o Nuby USA 
I feel like this kid has been teething FORever and has not a darn thing to show for it. Poor baby. Poor mama. This little grape flavored chewy thingy seems to help calm the maddness – the bumpy part of the grapes rubs those sore baby gums, tastes yummy (I’m assuming considering how much he chomps on it) and the ring is the perfect size for chubby fingers. 
 Nuby Floppers Teething Toy c/o Nuby USA
How stinking cute is this stuffed monkey teether? Obviously, teething is a theme around here. The Flopper is a stuffed animal, teether and baby toy in one. G totes it around, snuggles it and slobbers all over it. That’s how we show love around here. Seriously though, the Flopper has multiple teething surfaces and a cute little handle for baby toting. I think we need to add the turtle to our collection so we can distribute the slobber amongst as many toys as possible.
Our current go-to’s and bribery currency
Ella’s Organic packs | Teething Cookies
If I leave the house I must have the Plum Organics teething cookies. Why they have to be so sticky, I will never understand but at least they are individually wrapped in packs of three and perfect to whip out just before a meltdown.

Bow Tie
 This cute polka dot number is hand made with love by my bestie (and is only $8!)
Bunny feet jammies?! 
And my husband and I have an open debate over the pattern – I say the little yellow chick is a Peep, he says a duck – either way, I can’t resist the cuteness. 
Swim Diaper
We took this exact same brand to the islands with us a few months ago and loved how well they worked and how cute they were on his little bottom. For reference, we did stuff a regular disposable swim diaper between his rear and the fancy Swim Diaper because the last thing we want to be are those parents who are fishing their kids poo out of the pool. Just sayin’.
Bathing Suit
A teeny, tiny bathing suit in baby blue stripes and navy whales? 
Yes, please.
The classics never age (at least according to my 30 year old husband who is in charge of story time and requested the following reads).
Dr. Seuss  | Curious George
Bundle It Up
I’m obsessed with this monogrammed Easter Bucket from Crystal Faye. Super easy to personalize and very masculine for my little guy, I think it takes the frill out of Easter. Because it’s not a traditional basket, it will be easy to store and stow year to year. 
Ok, so spill, what is the Easter Bunny bringing your babe?
Some of the items in this post were provided by Nuby USA for my review. As always, the opinions in this post (and all posts on Newlyweds:North) are mine based on use and personal experience. Thank you for supporting the brands that support Newlyweds:North!