Friday, I love you.
I literally use this product every single day, so it’s only fitting that it be honored with it’s very own Can’t Live Without It Post
If you want to take sharper pics of your babe, love Instagram or are learning to use your DSLR, you must grab this little guy.
I can literally snap a crystal clear shot of the babe slobbering all over his car seat and then upload it to my phone in seconds. No wires, no lap top, no photo card.
Quick and dirty, just how I like it. 
Seriously, I’m a huge fan of Instagram and used to wonder if everyone just had a better camera on their phone than I did. Turns out, they’re using their real camera and uploading pics to their phone on the spot. Get on it ladies, your Insta feeds will thank me.
Hope ya’ll have a wonderful weekend!

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