It’s been a while since I’ve posted any details on the reno so I thought today was as good a day as any to share the dirty, dusty, chaotic details of the future abode.
It may be hard to believe, but in the shot above you are standing in my entry way and looking at  partial views of my kitchen, family room, powder bath and laundry room. That blue pipe just so happens to be the water line for my kitchen sink!
If I’m being honest, the last two weeks have been incredibly tedious for me. We are in the stage of the game where we are doing incredibly important work to the house but none of it is glamorous or even fun. And all of it is expensive.
If you aren’t really into the details, then feel free to skip the next paragraph. 
If you’re brave enough to read on then please brace yourselves.
At this point, we have rebuilt the foundation from previous water damage, re-framed and re-supported all three of the large windows, ripped out all of the interior walls (in fact, there is just one wall in the entire house – internal and external – that has not been touched), dug trenches in the concrete sub floor for new plumbing, sealed off two exterior doorways, removed all of the old wiring and installed new electrical, removed and relocated the water heater, completely re-plumbed the entire house, sheet rocked the entire ceiling, built framing for the new office/playroom, powder bath and laundry/mud room. The hall way has been re-shaped and framed, the master closet and bedroom has been re-shaped and framed, the hall bath has been created and all outlets, lights and switches have been placed.
the soon to be family room
Sounds fun, huh?
Surprisingly, we are only a week or two off schedule with promises that we will catch up as soon as the next round of inspections happens. I hope that’s true because our move has been scheduled for the last weekend in May, no matter what. We are at the mercy of the corporate relocation system and we will literally live amongst the chaos if we have to, but it sure won’t be pretty. 
The best news in all of this is that we have been doing a TON of house shopping! 
I finally decided on my kitchen pendants and dining room chandeliers (yep, there will be two of them!) and can’t wait to see them in action. I have a game plan for the play room that will be built around the Land of Nod rocket ship play tent (that I just had to have) and a day bed for extra seating and storage.
And I just have to say that, so far, this reno has had zero impact on our marriage.
Despite all of the warnings, we really haven’t had any real issues as a result of the temporary apartment or the renovation. Honestly, I’m sure that’s a result of all of our prior moves – I mean, most people haven’t owned 3 houses in two years, lived in hotels and temporary apartments or bounced across the country like we have. Maybe all of the previous crazy has prepared us to take this batch of crazy in stride. 
In literally just a few days, the house should look very, very different. Real walls, our hardwoods installed, and a kitchen are just a week or two away! The Countdown is on, friends.

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