Ok, mamas. 
We spent some time together this Winter discussing the much loathed search for a post postpartum bathing suit. I had some hits and some very, very big misses
I went on vacation feeling hopeful that I would feel better about myself the next time I wore a bathing suit in public because, of course, from the moment I got back, I would make time to work out and get into shape. We all know how that went.
But I’m going to be honest.
While I haven’t changed my shape, I have been watching what I’ve been eating (and drinking, sigh) and I think that I’ve come to a place where I don’t wish my body away. This body is the one I’m rocking and that won’t change between now and the start of our beach trip this Friday.
And so, because I know so many of you waited for me to give honest reviews of the suits that I tried a few months ago, I am going to review my two new swim suit purchases. And no, I will not be modeling them. You are welcome.
| flip flops | cover up | hat | bikini top | bikini bottom
Ok, I mentioned this bikini top the other day and I’d ready to discuss it at length now.
Yes, I am going to wear a bikini. 
Not a string one or anything, but a respectable, still reasonably stylish, C Section scar covering bikini.
The top is incredibly supportive – the cups have shape but no bulky padding – and the band is wide. When the shoulder straps are adjusted just right it pulls you up and somehow still contains. Not an easy find. 
The bottom has the cute, retro vibe working for it and a few strategically placed ruched side panels. It doesn’t come up so high that you look like you’re wearing granny panties but high enough that your below the belly button pregnancy skin (and stretch marks) are hidden from view.
Because I felt that my search for the right mom suit was really all about my mid section and rear, I decided that I should stick with this bottom and work in a bathing suit top or two that I already have and fit my new ta tas. I wore this one in Greece when I was hugely pregnant (see below) and love the mint color.

 I spy the tips of my toes and marks from my clothes thanks to fluid retention….traveling while super pregnant is so glam!
I added this Target black top in the same style a few weeks ago to round out my bikini choices. I love the soft bo ho ruffle and of course the straps to hike ’em up – and you can never go wrong with a black two piece.
Today I took one last spin around the Target bathing suit section and found this babe of a mom one piece on sale. She came home with me and I think she’ll be perfect for the days that I don’t have the balls to let it all out for the world to see.
Now that I’ve talked myself into wearing two pieces again, I have also stepped up my cover up game.
I am obsessed with the caftan look and am rocking my Lilly for Target piece (Old Navy has a very similar version). I’m also loving this incredibly soft Old Navy tassle scarf as a cover up – the color is perfect and the size is on point.
Ok, so, you know, send good vibes or beach body prayers or mom confidence waves to me this weekend when I hit the beach and let my belly see the light of day for the first time in a year!