So, I may have posted a few teensy sneak peeks of the new house on my Instagram account over the last two days…did you see them?? Things are finally (finally) starting to come together, and while we aren’t completely done with construction, we are making major moves toward making this nightmare a home.

It might just be time for a reveal or two, so I thought we should take a moment to pour one out for the original house in all of it’s glory. If you’re drinking the good wine, don’t pour one out, I’ll do it for you as I’m slumming it with Two Buck Chuck.

Behold, the house that screamed “buy me! I’ll be a fun project!”

the front door and it’s gorgeous pillar enclosures

paneling is fancy

and so is a 3/4 brick side wall next to a fireplace!

I didn’t know it at the time, but those widows are actually about two inches different in height. 
the….dining room?
and kitchen
and more paneling!
please note the custom wood spindles on the paneled wall that serves no purpose.
our dream kitchen

the family room complete with metallic lava lamp wallpaper

and an Austin Powers bar! 
some sort of built in for some sort of television…and two different doors to two different “storage” areas

the hall bath….
you could sit on the toilet and touch both the sink and the shower with your knees.
our future Master Bedroom Suite…
lots of magic to be had here

our babe’s future abode

not pictured: our bathroom, the guest room and the super weird shape of the hallway. 
Seriously, I look at these photos and think
“what the eff were we thinking”
Think we were able to turn it around?