We had one h.e. double hockey sticks of a weekend.
We spent the entire long weekend with friends exploring, eating, passing babies around, drinking, laughing and playing games. We ended up at our new house every night so that the babes could sleep, the guys could play pool and the girls could drink too much wine. We stayed up way too late, ate way too much and broke our kid’s schedule but it was all so worth it.
Brace yourselves for a photo dump of epic proportions. 
On Friday, everyone had the day off and we decided to celebrate America by eating pizza and drinking beer at a local brewery with two of our favorite couples.
And yes, my baby is wearing a jersey onesie. I don’t want to talk about it. 

If you’re local, head on up to TR and hit both Sidewall Pizza and Swamp Rabbit Brewery – the Blondie pizza at Sidewall might just change your life.

We held it down at Swamp Rabbit for one billion hours and then made the dash home for a (late) bedtime and a few rounds of Cards Against Humanity. Again, happy birthday America.
This classy day was all for you. 

 photo straight up stolen from Ashley

On Saturday we hit the road and drove into the mountains of North Carolina and set up shop for the day at St. Paul Mountain Vineyards. We sat outside in the unbelievably gorgeous weather, chose the tasting menu that included every single wine available and spent time romping around in the grapes with a 6 week old Great Pyrenees puppy.
It was photo op Heaven

| his shirt c/o |
 | baby’s shoes | daddy’s shirt
 | my necklace | my dress |
man, we love that kid.
Ashley and I trying to take advantage of the amazing light and g has no time for that….
blogger baby makes a break for it
a much needed break from baby photos…
and then the puppy makes an appearance
The group, five billion tasting glasses of wine, for round trips of the grounds in the stroller and one puppy play time later: 
We actually caravaned over to another vineyard just a few minutes away but G was super over it and we couldn’t blame him. We left Ashley and Andrew for a little alone time and we made our way South for bedtime. I was able to snag one shot of Burntshirt Vineyards before we terrorized it with our baby screams. 
We put our babe to bed and then had everyone over to our house for a low country boil. We filled up the cooler with sangria made from the day’s purchases and all the beers in the world.
And I decked my friends out in Willow Crowns, because that’s a normal thing to do while you’re hostessing and waiting for dinner to boil (no, no it isn’t). 

| ashley is rocking the olivia and kyle is gorgeous in the sloan |

The neighbors set off rogue fireworks that terrorized the dog (but didn’t wake the baby, so you win some you lose some) and we played a million games of pool. It really was such a fun weekend.

Sunday was spent napping and doing laundry and prepping for our big week – we have a first birthday party to throw!

hope ya’ll had a great one!