I have never been so excited for a week to begin in my entire life. 
Summer is O.V.E.R. and I am so ready to whip this life of mine into shape. 
Yes, last week was perfection – gloomy, grey, cool, cloudy Maine days with my best friend and my kiddo, smothered in queso, Diet Cokes and full of work, teasing, laughter and social media.
But this week? 
This week is what I’ve been waiting for.
Monday is the day to get it all together – to label all of the book bags and lunch boxes, grocery shop for toddler lunches and meal plan for a family who has dinner together around the table. And, if I stick to my plan, I’ll also put our Y membership to use for the first time in many, many months. 
Don’t hold your breath on that one, but I’m putting it out there. 
Tuesday is The Day.
My babe heads just down the road to the sweetest little Mother’s Day Out at a local church. He’ll spend the morning meeting new buddies, playing and terrorizing his sweet new teachers. Not to worry, I plan to provide them with many Starbucks gift cards throughout the year. In all seriousness, I am just so excited for Gray. His personality is shining through and he is becoming this calm, steady, observer who loves to interact with other children. He will love his time at school and I am so grateful that we’ve found such a wonderful place for him. 
While the babe rocks out at school, I have a To Do List that is literally three pages long. Most of it has to do with tasks that were never accomplished in our house – let’s just say “organize every single closet” is actually on the list. It’s overwhelming and daunting but now that I have two mornings a week to dedicate to getting my crazy together, I feel calm and in control. That’s a heady feeling my friends. Basically, I plan to conquer the world now that I have a few hours a week without my sidekick. Try not to be impressed by my awesomeness.
On Wednesday I’ll play with my babe and get ready for the Willow Crowns Fall Collection launch! We feel like we’ve waited for yeeeears to drop this collection and we cannot wait to put it out there for the world to see. So much of launch week is me working behind the scenes to make our website ready to roll at 10am CST (9.3!) and I’ll be working away, culling through listing photos, updating inventory and creating our signature listing verbiage (and yes, I write every single listing for every single Willow Crowns piece – and yep, my listings are copyrighted – cool, huh?).
Thursday we launch the Fall Collection so I’ll be a busy girl while my babe plays it up at school and then it’s the weekend!
Friday we prep for our very first Clemson Tailgate of the season! Because the game is at noon, we will take the baby so we have lots of planning to do. Saturday we spend the day celebrating the return of football, Sunday we hit the Vineyards with friends and Monday we relax!
The busiest, craziest, most normal Fall week!
I literally cannot wait.
Is that weird?
I have a fun blog week planned for you (yeeeees, I’ve planned the week of posts ahead of time, NBD) – house stuff, small shop love, flying with an toddler wins and loses and a giveaway!
Ah, Fall, I’ve missed you like a Basic B misses Pumpkin Spice Lattes.