no more summer white. ever. bag. shoes on sale.
Every year it happens.
I am just so over Summer.
I think it must be because I really do crave structure and order and while all of the traveling, playing and partying of Summer is fun in the beginning, by August I am always just so burned out. At some point I start wishing the days will get shorter so I don’t have to admit that I crawl into bed while it’s still day light and the air will get cooler so that I can wear dark jeans and stop having to shave my legs so much. 
We spent the weekend at home for the first time in something like 5 weekends and it was Heaven. We sprawled out on every sofa, spent time together, trashed the playroom, watched stupid TV, limped to the neighborhood Starbucks and ate every single meal out. The baby is struggling a bit – some sort of hot mess combo of teething, allergies and bedtime regression. It hasn’t been a good look for any of us but I’m assuming we’ll all get through it. 
Speaking of the babe (super natural transition, no?), he has lots of changes headed his way because in just a few weeks he’ll start a sweet little mother’s day out program just down the road from our new house. I’ve ordered his teeny little back pack and can’t wait to pick out his first day of school outfit. He’ll only go a few morning hours twice a week but I can’t wait to see how much fun he has. And I can’t wait to go to the dentist, organize my closet for the first time since we moved in and go to the gym (ha, yeah that still won’t happen, but it sounded good). 
This week will be another crazy one as we get ready to do a bit more traveling (you’ll never guess where we’re headed) and try to kick whatever is rocking the babe’s world. I know some of you are dying for anther reno reveal (so many requests for the kitchen!) and I’d love to show it to you but our cabinets still aren’t right. If you want a reveal, you’ll have to take it up with my contractor (since my husband has prohibited me from ever communicating with him again because I can no longer play nicely).
I may just try to get our lives on a bit of a schedule this week but let’s be honest, I’ll probably lose track of the week, drink too much coffee every morning, drink cheap Trader Joe’s wine in bed each night and beg the baby to sleep. Reach for the stars, Mama, reach for the stars. 
See you kids tomorrow!