Ready to be impressed by my domestic prowess? 
Hold on to your hats, ladies, this one will knock your socks off.
So, on Thursday, my husband’s beloved Clemson Tigers played a road game against Louisville. Obviously, none of us could bop up to Kentucky on a school night so we invited our tailgate crew for a little viewing party at our casa.

 Truth be told, last week was one hell of a week so I had approximately 4 minutes to spend on prepping for our guests. I ran to Trader Joe’s and made the entire get together happen from pre-made goodness and booze from our stash. 
I snagged gorgeous bright orange and purple blooms from the floral section and then grabbed 23 dips (I was hungry, I bought them all) and the ingredients to make the world’s easiest BBQ Chicken Pizza.
Here’s what you’ll need to impress your friends:
BBQ sauce of any kind, pre-cooked chicken breast, bacon, red onion, pizza dough and cilantro.
Dice the chicken, toss in BBQ sauce, generously slather the spread out crust with olive oil, then layer on all toppings (except the cilantro). Bake that baby. Top with a drizle of BBQ sauce and cilantro. 
Pro Tip: leave the dough (in it’s bag) on the counter for an hour or so before you attempt to work with it. The more room temp it is, the easier it is to stretch out)
Ta Da, you win at hostessing. 
 I made half with BBQ and half without (and plain chicken) because my husband prefers to skip sauces of all kinds (I don’t get it either).
The rest of the snacks were all pre-made and took absolutely zero effort. 

I also used all of my best china.
We’re fancy.
 Does anyone else stash snacks all over the living room so that they don’t have to get up in order to continue eating? Just me? You should get on that. You’re welcome. 
My other half and our tailgating crew are all Clemson alums and have a bit of nervous energy prior to games. I’ll regret saying this but, thank god for that pool table. 

(get ready for an artsy pool table photo in 3, 2, 1…)
 Don’t let me fool you though, game time around here requires complete attention. And silence. Unless you are yelling at some terrible decision by a coach, referee or player. Then you best be as loud as possible.
Each family also records the game on their own TV’s at home in case something needs to be reviewed at a later date. I wish I was making that up.
 And in case anyone was wondering, my brand spankin’ new Jonathan Louis
Brennan chairs did indeed pass the man test. They tolerated lots of jumping up
and down, smacking and dramatic body movements without so much as a
creak. I’ve seen stadium seats struggle harder.
 I’m still stoked that I went with the Protege Natural fabric and honestly, have no reservations about staining or spills. I hit the fabric with a bit of protector and we’re living life. If we spill, we spill – the fabric is tough enough to take a bit of a clean up and still maintain it’s soft texture. 
 While my beautiful serving china did not make it out of the cabs for this get together, the bourbon was obviously consumed in my crystal tumblers. 
And because we are all old and the pizza was already long gone, everyone hit the road at the half. 
Total honesty: I hit my bed. My baby doesn’t care that a game was on late – he’ll be up with the sun demanding attention and such. 
Macie was the last one standing.
Except my husband.
Who actually did this:
Now go forth and make that pizza.
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