Things have been a bit bonkers around here. 
My sweet babe is under the weather with a fun little virus and we’re hunkered down with lots of fluids and Sophia The First to weather the storm. 
Because I haven’t had a chance to sit at my desk since literally late last week, I decided it was high time to drop by and say hey. Seeing as reporting on baby mucus and the fact that I haven’t showered in four days seems a bit gross, I thought I’d whip up a little Currently Post. 
Not to worry, I only included all of the Earth Shattering Things.
Loving: that ponchos and capes are so in. A giant tarp to drape over my body? Yes, please! Also loving every single piece of “art” that my toddler brings home from school, the new orange pants that I snagged for him from H&M and the new top that I snagged for myself from Anthro and The Blacklist.
Loathing: watching my poor babe be uncomfortable, the new series of Big Bang (too many commercials), that I smudged my pedicure, that MDO actually observes Fall Break, how dirty my floors always look (even after I take hours to clean them) and that we haven’t met some of the babies that have been born into our lives recently thanks to distance.
Missing: Megan

Also: Cheese Shop House Dressing/sandwiches (hey Williamsburg!), Pappasito’s chicken salad + dressing (what up, Houstonians), feeling organized, all of the shoes that my feet outgrew during pregnancy.

Craving: actual fall weather. Vests, boots, blanket scarfs and all in a weather appropriate environment. None of this secretly sweating under all of my faux layers.
Wanting: a new hair look. I think it’s time to really start the process of
covering my grey hairs. Ugh. While I’m at it, maybe I want bangs. Or
extensions. Or a lob. Yeah, I got nothing. Also craving: all of the dips
(I blame tailgating) and anything with brie or the word “flat bread” in
the description.
Inspired by: the blog world. So many posts have recently been published that have struck a chord with me. Christina’s honesty and Colleen’s description of a SAHM v a SAHW are just a few.
Wearing: all work out gear, all of the time, and all from Old Navy. Side note: I tried on the famous Lululemon Wonder Unders recently and honestly they didn’t rock my world. I forced Megan to purchase these mesh crops from Old Navy (she got the plum and I have the black) and I have two pairs of this side rouched legging in my arsenal. Also, the ON sports bras and loose cotton tanks make me super happy.
Splurging: on baby clothes. My kid’s legs seem to out grow pants in literally seconds. Also, inadvertently splurging on blinds because that shit is pricey, even from a lower end retailer or big box store. ugh. 
Saving: my energy for another weekend of football. This Saturday’s game is a night game and we haven’t made a plan but obviously we won’t attend the game with the babe in tow. Because it’s homecoming, I’m sure we’ll head that way for part of the day but hashing out the details will have to happen later in the week when everyone is on the rebound. Also, saving my pennies on replacing my wine and baby barf stained duvet by going with my tried and true Amazon fave.
Hoping: that I’ll get the play room cleaned up and photographed for a Renovation Reveal soon, that everyone will love the Willow Crowns winter collection because I saw the materials in person this weekend and they. are. gorgeous and that I manage to get all of the laundry done and put away before the dirty pile overwhelms me again.
Wondering: If I should look into a meal delivery system like Blue Apron or Plated. I’ve looked into them via other bloggers and I’m honestly considering the cost per meal and if it will work in our household budget. Anyone have any thoughts?? Currently, we’re debating between ordering a pizza or going through the drive through at McDonald’s because I’ve been out of town and thus we have no groceries. Also wondering if we should start watching Empire. Everyone else is doing it but I honestly can’t imagine one more series in our lives.
Planning: the guest room for the One Room Challenge and the final stages of the Living Room because I’m tired of looking at it in it’s currently half assed state. Also already planning how I’ll decorate this house for Christmas – our first here in our current home and the first where the baby is mobile – quite the daunting combo.
Scheming: our Christmas card photos and what sort of situation I can wrangle both my husband and son into. I obv have the holidays on the brain. Sorry not sorry.
 And, in case you were wondering, pizza won, as it always does.