Truth: Guest Rooms are always neglected in my house.

Even calling it a Guest Room seems generous – storage shed, drop zone, catch all, the room that always has the door closed – those all seem to be better titles for the sad little space at the end of the hall. Nothing quite seems to get me motivated to whip this space into shape. In fact, my parents are actually staying in the guest room this weekend and it currently looks like this:

Yikes. I’m guessing that won’t qualify me for hostess (or daughter) of the year.
And side note: I posted an almost identical photo of our guest room in Maine. At least I’m consistent.

Thankfully, Linda at Calling It Home just launched her One Room Challenge and a little public declaration of intent may just be what ensures that this baby gets her makeover.
Because she needs one. Bad. 

So here’s the game plan:

clean out the space
use bold color and pattern in pillows and rugs to accent the wall color (Ben Moore’s Palest Pistachio)
move the bed
re-finish the antique bedside tables
bring in surprising pops that I might not be bold enough to use in other spaces in the house, such as the floral knobs, which are going to jazz up those bedside tables
play up the black wrought iron bed frame with black accents in the room 

I have six weeks.
Challenge accepted.

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