For the first time in a while, we actually had a free weekend.
With no home football game, birthday parties or late nights at work on the agenda, we decided to hit the road and visit Justin’s parents for a little grandparent time. We are so fortunate that they live just two hours or so from our house (which, compared to how far away we were in Maine, seems like nothing) and are typically up for dealing with our shenanigans for a quick visit.
We decided to take the baby to the Atlanta Zoo on Saturday and, thankfully, he was too little to realize that he was the only kid not in costume.

 Oops. Sorry buddy. Boo in the Zoo is such a fun concept, especially when
your baby is too little to eat candy so you get to raid his stash. 

he hates me. that look makes me laugh out loud.

but loves his Papa

I loved spending the early part of the day outside and Justin loved that we were home in time for the Clemson kick off. We spent the rest of the day lounging around, terrorizing Grandma’s house and stuffing our faces with all of the things Grandma made. For the record, my jeans are glad that I’m home and away from all of the scratch made caramel corn.
We made our way back to South Carolina on Sunday in time for Justin to hit the links and the baby to refuse a nap. I fled the scene after golf and did some serious damage at the Old Navy 40% off sale. As usual, the baby totally scored and I think I may have finally found a little inspiration for our Christmas Card outfits.
PSA: If you’ve been in the market for a pair of lace up flats, check out the pair that ON is carrying – I snagged a pair in nude and literally cannot wait to wear them.
And now, a little PSA for the locals. Gray is having a very tough time kicking the cough that is left over from his virus. We’ve hit the pediatrician multiple times and it seems he’s just hanging on to the cough (and none of his other symptoms) so we’re supposed to keep an eye on him and wait it out. I started to worry that maybe some of the recent construction (yes, that still happens around here) may have knocked up some dust or air born something that was bothering him so we called on one of Justin’s colleagues who happens to own GSP Clean. They came by our house while we were out of town and holy hell is our house clean. They literally took apart my kitchen light fixtures and cleaned them (guess who has never done that? me). 
Look at that glass globe sparkle! 
 Anyway, I highly recommend their services especially for a deep clean as everyone gears up for holiday guests.
I literally may ask for them as my Christmas present this year. 
(you know you’re a grown up when….)
P.S. In case you missed it, I blogged all of my mom uniform looks from last week and I think I might make that a regular thing. It keeps me honest and gives me the motivation I need to get out of my pajamas in the morning. 
And, that takes care of this week’s business, tomorrow we’re back to talking all things wine, chocolate chip pumpkin bread and leggings. 
See you kids tomorrow!
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