Ok babes, typically I share the major steals and deals I snag while dressing the mom bod but today we’re moving on up in the world and talking about my latest shopping trip to Anthropologie.
As usual, I’m going to share my honest opinions, sizing and terrible iPhone dressing room selfies. As we all know by now, I am 5’9″ tall and typically rock a size 10/L/30. If an item didn’t work on me, I’ll tell you why so that you can save yourself the hassle of attempting to force your thighs into a pair of secretly slim cut pants.
My mission at Anthro was to find work appropriate tops that I could transition to my regular life. I spend very little time actually in the office but I need a few key pieces that can get me from a casual work day to dinner with prospective clients if needed. Bonus points if the top can also rock a play date or weekend run to the farmer’s market (so basically, I’m looking for a unicorn).
Let’s begin:
AG Harper Straight Leg Jean
wearing size 31

Let me start by saying that I really shouldn’t have sized up but I just didn’t have the energy to wiggle and stretch into a pair of jeans, especially since I was just putting the jeans on as a base for the top shopping. As we all know, the day that you aren’t actually looking for jeans will undoubtedly be the day that you find a great pair (at effing full price) and the AG Harper jean had me at an easy zip and button. If you aren’t familiar with AG, I highly recommend that you take the chance to try a pair on the next time you find yourself in Nordstrom/Anthropologie etc. They are perfectly cut for girls with a little junk in the trunk and while I’ve never been able to wear Sevens or Paige, AG has never let me down (and was, in fact, my first ever pair of investment denim). The wash on this pair of Harper jeans is perfectly dark and the rise is super high (to my belly button) which I looooove for holding in my belly.

Side note to my fellow tall girls: these babies are long! I need to have them hemmed!

I think that Anthro’s listing photos can be kind of terrible and the shot of this pair of jeans is no exception, but trust me, they are a fabulous staple/investment pair. 

Verdict: I purchased.
Lakin Tunic
wearing size L
(terrible photo but I didn’t want to not share because the dupe is too good)

This top is cute and while the cut covers very modestly (great for the office), the shape is very sack like. I did love the heart print (and it comes in other prints, the green is gorg) but, in all honesty, the Lakin Tunic looks just like the two identical tunics I purchased from H&M.


Wearing a Large

(P.S. wash according to instructions, it will shrink in the dryer!)

The Lakin Tunic is almost $100 while the H&M dupe is on sale for less than $15 in white and an awesome black and white print (it appears that the burnt orange version that I purchased is no longer available). And p.s. H&M calls it a dress. No. Just no. 
Verdict: pass, buy the dupe instead.
Half Penny Plaid Tunic
wearing size L in Blue
wearing size M in Red

I would go ahead and size down on this one. It is super long in the back (like, below my knees) and while it is crazy comfy, super soft and well made, it is totally not appropriate for work. To be fair, I knew it wouldn’t be but I was on a roll and couldn’t resist trying it on. This top will, without a doubt, hide your tummy and hip area (in fact, I would think it would be baby bump friendly) and I love it with leggings and booties for Fall. However, since we’re being honest here, I could not justify spending almost $90 on when I know I can find a dupe at Old Navy/Gap/Target whatever. 
Oh wait, look what I found for $22, $24 and for $12
Verdict: I’ll keep my eye on it around Black Friday and if it goes on crazy sale, I may snag it in either color. I honestly wish it were cheaper because it feels like wearing pajamas. And I like wearing pajamas.
Tie Neck Swing Blouse
Wearing size L
could have probably worn a M if I wanted but I like the length and room for my ladies.

Holy hell, I love this top. Perfect for work, the weekend or girls nights, I need this in every color. Megan has it in the blue print and I didn’t realize it was the same shirt until I saw all three (blue, white and green) prints hanging in the store….and now I want all three, but money doesn’t grow on trees, or whatever. It hides your tummy and is the perfect length that allows you to wear it with jeans or jeggings aaaand it’s machine washable. Plus, I can’t wait to pair it with skinny ankle length black pants and a blazer for client meetings. Yes, please. It’s still pricey but I think it might have been the most versatile piece that I tried on.
Verdict: yep.
yep. yep.
Apre Fete Turtleneck
wearing size L

Ok, in my defense the back of this sweater is what caught my eye. The swingy, pleated chiffon back is really gorgeous but the color of the sweater itself is just blah. And blah might actually be the kindest word I would use to describe the shape, neckline and color of this sweater. If you’re tall, this is not going to work on you. It’s short and will hit you at the wide part of your waist. So bad.
Verdict: hell to the no
Devery Shirt Dress
Wearing size M

Everyone has seen this sweet little dress on my Instagram so I won’t talk about it much. I sized down and was still pleased with the length. The tie back is sweet and the shape is so forgiving. I could wear this to my office with boots and tights and honestly think the pattern is year round appropriate. It’s also on crazy sale.
Verdict: didn’t buy, majorly regretted not buying, heading back to grab it ASAP
Chelan Wrap Coat
Wearing size S

I get that this coat won’t be a look that everyone loves, but I dig it. The coat is suuuuuper over sized (note that I am wearing a small and even tried on the XS). I love the way it looks opened and the leather buckle at the funnel neck really floats my boat. I love the big, chunky cuffed sleeves and the fun pockets. I’ve rocked it open like a wrap sweater with a white tee underneath and I will for sure be wearing it as a coat in the mountains this weekend.
Verdict: it’s on crazy sale so I bought it, love it and don’t hate the fact that it’s a size Small.
So there you have it, the good, bad, expensive, on sale, duped and ugly.