So, Christmas is in like 4 days. 
How did that happen? 
I have absolutely nothing done, nothing wrapped, nothing cleaned, nothing packed, nothing organized, nothing cooked, nothing washed, nothing loaded up and nothing mailed. I haven’t even mailed our Christmas cards yet. Not a one.
Not to worry, it’s not all a loss, I have eaten one thousand cookies. 
And I spent the last 72 hours or so in Houston! 
photo by Ailee | my flats | my vest, sold out similar  | my jeggings | my headband | meg’s headband |
Megan and I were so excited when West Elm Houston approached us to participate in a Willow Crowns pop up shop in their store. At this point, I make a work trip to Houston a few times a year and this was my fave trip yet. I landed in Houston right smack in the middle of rush hour (sorry, Meg) and managed a quick outfit change in the car on our way to dinner. 
| my top | my necklace | my booties | her sweater |
I was so pumped to see Kristy, Meg O., Traci and Veronika for dinner that I was antsy at the bar waiting for everyone to arrive. After lots of wine and demanding table side guacamole (and despite my endless story telling), I still managed to consume my body weight in queso, so basically, I rocked it, Houston style. I loved every second of our three hour dinner and am beyond grateful that each of those amazing girls fit me into their crazy schedules the weekend before Christmas. 
Meg and Olivia were perfect hostesses and waited until exactly 6:59 am to wake me and put me to work on Saturday morning. Luckily, they had a Starbucks for me and I had a brand spanking new pair of Cinderella dress up heels for them Olivia. We whipped our web site into shape in the hopes of making tons of in person sales and whipped ourselves into shape in the hopes that our curls would make it through the day. 
The amazing Meredith of Cake and Confetti met us at West Elm and worked her magic on our set up – bless her, she is talented. And, let me just say, I will always vote for an event where our space includes a plush sofa and gorgeous throw pillows. Always.
 photos by Ailee
framed photo by Danielle 
So many sweet faces dropped in to say hello and we loved seeing each of you! Every single time a babe wearing a WC piece walked in the door, we literally squealed to each other (no shame in our game, that’s a big deal!). On the business side, it was so interesting to see which of our new products garnered the most attention and to hear our customers feedback in real time.
After holding court at West Elm for 6 hours, we packed up the car and commenced the “play hard” portion of the “work hard, play hard” philosophy.
 | my necklace |
| polish |
Saturday night and Sunday saw shopping, toasting, manicuring, indulging and scheming for the next four (!) Willow Crowns collections. 

By the time Meg dropped me off at the airport on Sunday evening I had my eye on my last solo glass of wine for the foreseeable future and my mind on Christmas! 
I’ve got one more post up my sleeve for this week and then I’m taking a little break to spend time with my family until the New Year – I hope everyone had a fab weekend and I’ll see you tomorrow.