Let’s talk bubbles, shall we?
Recently, I was on the hunt for a not too sweet, glam, bubbly cocktail for an upcoming girl’s day and I whipped up a gorgeous drink (with ingredients that I already had in my fridge!) that you need to taste immediately. It also happens to be super easy to make and features Voveti Prosecco, so you know it’s going to be a win.
Perfect, I knew you would be! 
Let’s make it. 
To whip up my Pomegranate Blood Orange Sparkler you’ll need:
Champagne flutes
Cocktail sugar
Voveti Prosecco
Pomegranite Juice
San Pelligrino Blood Orange
Ok, first pop that Voveti Prosecco
 (and p.s. Voveti is killer for entertaining. The bottle looks sleek, the craft batch makes for a clean – not too sweet – taste and the price is crazy affordable, so get on that)
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As a side note, I don’t love popping a bottle in front of a crowd (I’m always afraid I’m going to break a window or something) so I open just before guests arrive. For this cocktail, I love the look of the Voveti prosecco being poured over the juices, so I’ll leave the open bottle nearby and pour as my guests arrive.

Part of what makes this drink so gorgeous and taste so delicious (if I do say so myself) is the sugared rim. It looks so festive and special but is really easy to do. I snagged my bronzey-gold cocktail sugar from Dell Cove Spices on Etsy and love the color.

To rim the glasses, you’ll need a slice of fruit to make the sugar stick. For this drink I used a clementine slice (because I had them on hand and because the hint of orange flavor is perfection). A lime would also be perfect for this drink if that’s what you have stocked in your bar.

To rim the glasses:
Dump a little sugar onto a plate
rub the outside and inside rim of the glass with the fruit
 (don’t squeeze the fruit too hard or it will drip down the glass and be sticky/need to be cleaned)
turn the glass upside down and twist it in the sugar 
if you don’t get a thick coat of sugar, touch up the rim with the fruit slice and twist back in the sugar plate – be sure you got the inside rim of the glass sticky –  that’s the biggest trick to ensure a full coat of sugar 

Now that we’re all sugared up, let’s get to mixing.
The proportions of this drink are so easy –
just mix in thirds
Start with filling the glass 1/3 of the way full with pomegranite juice
then add a third of San Pellegrino Blood Orange
(make sure to do the pom first because it’s the most tart)
Finally, top the glass with Voveti Prosecco! 

 If you’re making for a large crowd, this could easily be made in a large pitcher just before guests arrive and poured into the sugar rimmed glasses. Use a clear pitcher for pretty pouring or separate the batch out into smaller carafes stashed around the party space and let guests fill their own glasses as refills are needed!
Girly, sweet, sparkly and a little touch of tart, this will please them all, trust me.

And considering how easy it is to make, your friends will be uber impressed that you pulled out all of the stops with such a gorgeous party punch. If the rich coral color doesn’t seal the deal, go ahead and tell them that the Voveti Prosecco is made in small batches and only 15,000 cases are produced a year. That should really bowl those babes over.

Cheers, ladies! 
Thanks for the stunning photos, Christa Rene Photography!