A new year. A fresh start.
I guess I should make a resolution, pick a mantra for the year or start working out. 
Maybe this will be the year that I stop wearing leggings 6 days a week (ok, fine, 7) or the year I drink more water than Diet Dr. Pepper (or wine). Maybe this will be the year that I’ll lose that last 15 pounds or keep my acne in check. Maybe I’ll use real shampoo more than dry shampoo or stop going to Starbucks in order to save money.
Or maybe I’ll rock out 2016 just as I am. 
Maybe I’ll work harder to dress my body in a way that flatters me and makes me feel effing amazing. Maybe I’ll remind myself to enjoy the moment, be grateful and lighten up while giving myself an inch of grace when I’m overwhelmed, tired and just not feeling it. 
Maybe I’ll stop drinking the Two Buck Chuck and reach for the $5 splurge bottles instead. Maybe I’ll walk with the baby to Starbucks instead of driving across town to the drive through. 
But not when it’s raining. Or cold. Or windy. Or hot. 
Maybe I’ll learn to balance all of the roles I’ve taken on, learn to say no when I really don’t want to do something or let criticism roll off of my back. But if I try and stumble, that will be ok, too. 
This will be the year that I forgive myself for not being perfect, for just being me in all of my crazed glory.
For those of you who really appreciate a list, I do have some hard and fast goals for the year.
Some are boring, some are secrets and some are really fun!
2016, Home:
Finish that God forsaken living room design.
(seriously, does anyone want to help me do this? I’m so over it)
New windows and window treatments
Maybe, just maybe, consider a bit more construction 
(yep, I said it)
2016, Family
Travel more as a family, even though it’s exhausting
Spend more time focusing on my marriage
2016, Blog
Start the Asked and Answered series again
Continue to always be honest, reflective and try not super worried about the negative feedback
See my work published on Scary Mommy (again!) and HuffPost
Continue to develop relationships with other bloggers and seek out local bloggers
2016, Personal
Work on developing my SAHM network of friends
Live life after bedtime.
And there you have it, an overachievers guide to handling New Year’s resolutions!
(please tell me you hear the sarcasm)