Confession: I really struggle to spend money on high end beauty buys. I think it’s probably clear by now that I’d rather spend my money on Starbucks or ten thousand cans of dry shampoo. But, this mug isn’t getting any younger and I need more products than ever to keep the under eye bags and unfortunate wrinkles + acne combo in check. When I find a great product, I’m happy to splurge on it and when I find a great drug store dupe I’m thrilled to brag about it.
Here’s my latest round up of the good, bad and duped:
My friend Ashley had this little Revlon blush and bronzing palette (officially called the Revlon Highlighting Palette) when we were in Arizona and I basically stole it from her during our trip. I actually used it as an eye shadow palette and it’s a great dupe to the key colors in the Naked3 Palette, but at a drugstore price. Bonus: it’s perfect for traveling because you can use it as eye shadow, highlighter, bronzer and/or blush.
Verdict: worth it. 

Oh man does this fragrance smell Heavenly. Mod Noir by Marc Jacobs is light, floral, feminine, I’m obsessed. I love snagging the roller ball size in fragrances because I don’t have to shell out as much cash and I can stash it in my make up bag or a cosmetic pouch in my purse. 
Verdict: smells perfect, roller ball size makes the cost more reasonable, glad I grabbed it.

I had grand plans when I purchased this L’Oreal Brow Stylist Sculptor but when I got home I was too bored with it to even bother really trying it out. One end is to fill in the brows, the other is to……snooze. I have dark, full brows and don’t really need to do much in the way of filling them in so this pencil was just not in my wheel house. 
 Verdict: too much work for someone who doesn’t care that much about brows
Now this is the kind of brow product I can get behind! The Maybelline Brow Drama is a simple brow mascara that is so easy to use, fills in your brows and shapes them a bit and doesn’t smudge on your face. For someone who doesn’t focus on her brows that much, this is a perfect addition to your routine. 
Verdict: loving it, using it every day

I feel like I was the last person on Earth to get on board with Make Up For Ever HD Microfinish Powder. Honestly, I just thought it seemed like a high price point for a setting powder but when I spotted a smaller size in that damn impulse section around the check out area of Sephora, I thought it was worth a try. And, of course, I love it. It leaves my skin looking gorgeous and my foundation smooth. I also love the way the product is packaged to prevent spilling and waste of the pricey powder. 

 Verdict: Pricey but worth it. I’ll be buying again, most likely in the full size. 

 I snagged the Maybelline Falsies Push Up mascara from Target on a whim and it was a waste of money. I know it’s a drugstore buy but the quality of the mascara is basic at best. My eyelashes do not look thicker or longer – so, fail.
Verdict: Nope, doesn’t rock my boat.

I love Kat Von D products. I wear her Lock It Tattoo Foundation every day (and rocked it hard on my wedding day) and think it’s the best full coverage out there. Not surprisingly, the Lock It Concealer is also a win, covering blemishes with deep pigment. I’m honestly disappointed that I didn’t purchase it until recently. Seriously, everything she makes is worth every penny. 
Verdict: Praise Jesus for Kat Von D
So, now that I’ve professed my love for Kat Von D products, I do have to say that, sadly, I am apparently allergic to her insta-famous Shade and Light Palette. I wanted to love it so badly but my skin broke out, my throat closed up and sadly my cheekbones are left less than sculpted. 
So, help a girl out, any recs for an amazing contour palette?

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