This week has been….interesting. We had a little stomach bug rip through our house in the past 36 hours or so and while the baby was the only one to get it, the rest of us have experienced a lot of firsts in our parenting careers. I’ll leave that to your imagination and spare you the photos (you’re welcome for the generic flower shot above) but thankfully we are on the mend. Like, we are capable of destroying a donuts shop in five minutes flat style on the mend.
With that said, it’s time to announce the randomly chosen (by Rafflecopter) winner of the shop credit to Brittany Garner Designs! Kristy M., congrats! I know you’ll spend your credit wisely and I cannot wait to see what snag! 
If today wasn’t your lucky day, don’t fret! Use code OT15OFF for 15% anything in the shop! Go on, treat yourself to a sassy mug, you wild mama!
Happy weekend, loves, I’ll see you next week!