Somehow, Week 4 of the One Room Challenge is in the books. 
Time, you are not my friend on this one.
Sneak peak of the hand painted accent wall by Andrea! All photos stolen from Amanda Louise Interiors
We made some gorgeous progress this week but to be honest, the majority of the room is going to come together just in time for photo day. As in, moments before photos begin. We didn’t plan it that way but that’s the fun of the One Room Challenge, right? 
With a six week timeline, any bumps in the road (uh, hello green chairs) can turn your already small window of opportunity into the Design Time Crunch From Hell (dramatic, party of one!). 
Now that I’ve secured my nomination for an Oscar, let’s discuss this week’s successes.
In one of Amanda’s most gorgeous money saving tips yet, she suggested that we order IKEA Lenda curtain panels and have a seamstress add a panel of gorgeous persimmon silk to the bottom for a custom look. And get this: the silk was from the clearance remnant rack. 
To make the panels look even more expensive, we had the seamstress cut off the top tabs and add backing to the top so that we could use gorgeous hardware – that was also an insanely cheap find. We’re using curtain rods from Amazon and having our fave creative TJ Briel of Slab Woodworking hand make wooden finials to customize them.
It’s safe to say that the number one thing that I’ve learned from Amanda is that you can make anything happen when you know a seamstress (or how to work a sewing machine/have a mother in law like mine). She took silk from the scrap bin, IKEA curtains and Amazon curtain rods and the completed look is stunning. I can’t show you the entire look, but a sneak peek is certainly in order! 
(old pillow, not staying in the room)
In other IKEA news, TJ also finished the Billy bookcase hack and it is insanely gorgeous. The raw edge wood top is meant to incorporate my husbands love of dark woods and TJ hand died it (note, he did not use stain, he would die if I let the world think he used store bought stain) to match Justin’s pool table. I’ll write an entire post on the hack but for now, take a look at that top! 
We ordered new pulls and are moving them to the top of the doors and you won’t believe what we’re using and what I paid for them! 

We’ve also decided to use my bamboo end tables as something other than end tables – because they fold flat, we are going to use one for a bar and one for pool table accessory storage when we entertain. They actually fit in the little nook between the new cabinets and the wall so when they aren’t in use, they’ll be folded and stashed away from grabby toddler hands. 

 What’s next:
Grab all of the pillow goodness from Wheaton Whaley Designs
Wait anxiously by the door for the arrival of the CB2 coffee table
Cross fingers that the chairs look better when they come home from their second trip to the upholsters
Hang the gorgeous art piece from Marquin Designs once it comes home from Bennett’s Framing and Art Gallery 
Style the crap out of the room.

Thanks to Linda at Calling It Home for hosting the One Room Challenge!