It’s been a while since I tossed out a random assortment of all the things I’m currently loving so let’s get down to business, shall we?
Such a strange place to start this post but, in all honesty, avocados
have taken over my life. I eat avocado toast pretty much daily (I like
mine with Greek olive oil, salt, pepper and red pepper flakes) and am on
the hunt for more ways to sneak avocados into my diet. I think homemade
dressings may be next, especially because I want to do a copy-cat
recipe of the amazing salad I had my last day in Austin. Recipe to come, but it was a winning combo of spicy shrimp,
avocados and blue cheese – the only thing it was missing was more avocado!
I think this dressing may be the one I try first but I’m open to suggestions so fire away. Side note: I’m not sure how we all survived before Pinterest.
Snap Chat
Mover over Instagram, Snap Chat is my new favorite social media platform. Bold statement but I mean it. If you don’t already, follow me (oliveandtate) for what my life looks like on a regular basis (mostly boring). Wanna know a secret? Sometimes I’m really surprised when I hear certain voices on snap videos! I’ve read so many blogs or followed Instagram accounts for so long and when I hear a voice for the first time that doesn’t sound at all like I imagined, it totally stuns me!
Tom’s Sunglasses
I snagged this pair of sunglasses while I was in Austin and am in love with them. Why? Because they are freaking toddler proof. G recently bent a pair of my sunglasses while he was attempting to snatch them off of my face and since then I made the switch to inexpensive eye wear. I was grabbing a cup of coffee at the Tom’s Roasting Co. and of course wandered over to the retail side. I picked up the Travlers and realized they were made of rubber (or some sort of fancy rubberized material they created specifically for the eye wear line, according to their site). They are super cute, can’t be bent, won’t break and can take a beating in my diaper bag. I love them.  I have the black on black pair which looks to be sold out – but I love the navy pair, too!
Texture Spray and Dry Conditioner 
My new fave hair products run on different ends of the spectrum price wise, but I love them both equally. The Not Your Mother’s Double Take Dry Texture Spray has recently been added to my hair routine (on the, like, two days a week I bother to do it) and I love the volume and grip it gives my hair before I curl it. It’s a drugstore brand so you can snag it at Target etc for a few bucks. On the other end of the checkbook is the DryBar Detox Dry Conditioner. I happened to think the DryBar Dry Shampoo is not worth the price at all, but the Dry Conditioner is a whole other story. The scent is just perfection and lingers in your hair for an eternity. I spray it on just my ends because I curl, color and use products on the daily so I want my ends to be protected. I also have naturally oily hair/scalp so I only add conditioner to the ends of my hair after shampooing – and sometimes skip it all together – so the spray helps me out. I would snag a travel size from the impulse bins around the registers at Sephora if the price point has your saying no way – that’s what I did!
I’m here to say it: I love wearing a dress that feels like a sack. What I don’t love is how they make my body look. A baggy fit can be super tricky if you aren’t pencil thin but, then again, Spanx can cut off your circulation and lead to amputation of your extremities (not a scientific fact) so, I guess Caftans win! In all honesty, the one above would be easy to pull of, but I have to admit that I love this one more, and think it might be fairly impossible for it to flatter a normal body shape. That midi length is tough, especially when the dress is also boxy. Anyone tried it on yet?
Also loving: 
nap time.