photo by Christa Rene Photography 
Do you ever have one of those days when you really think you are crushing it – dishes are loaded in the dishwasher (and you remembered to start it), dinner ingredients are actually defrosted or, shockingly, fresh, emails are answered, baby is content – and then it occurs to you that the reason you had so much free time is because you were actually standing someone up at a meeting you scheduled weeks ago?
Yeah, that was me today. 
And, honestly, that’s exactly what the last week has felt like. After traveling for a wedding over the holiday weekend, I just couldn’t get us back on schedule. It didn’t help that the baby was sans a school to attend until today, so we spent much of the week entertaining each other. Add in a husband who is working on a big project and pulling a schedule I thought we ditched when we left Maine and voila, before I knew it, a week had passed and I hadn’t typed one word on this blog. 
Our wild toddler animal did go back to school today and he is in love with his new classroom, mostly because it has a train table. I had a harder time leaving than he had with me going – and by that I mean he did not even acknowledge my presence and I awkwardly stood by the door until I looked at the teacher and said “so, I guess I’ll go now…”. 
Basically, I have no Mom Chill.
My goals on his school days have changed as things around here have changed and I’m trying to set myself up to manage everything that I’ve (happily) said yes to. He now hits up Mother’s Day Out three mornings a week and I spend one of those mornings doing SAHM things, one doing Olive and Tate things and the third working at my office job. Or at least that’s my grand plan. I’m such a creature of habit that sometimes Summer flusters me with all of the flexibility and non-scheduledness, so I’m hoping to give myself a little structure to keep things afloat around here. 
Translation: this past week was a fluke and I’m getting my shiz together!  
See you kids tomorrow.
 P.S. I really wanted to say a curse word but said “shiz” instead, which now feels a little weird. Just go with it.
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