It’s official, we have a two year old (and I no longer have any leeway when it comes to wearing my old maternity tanks).
In some ways, I feel like his first year flew by but his second seems to have taken it’s time – and I think I’m OK with that. Our babe has turned into a loving, smart, number obsessed ball of energy and we couldn’t love him more. As many of you know, I’m really not into huge, extravagant parties to mark the passing of time for a tiny human, so we decided that this would be The Year Of The Experience. We requested no gifts from friends and family again this year and instead asked that we celebrate with loved ones by spending time together – a trip to the splash pad and a play date at the park were perfect ways to celebrate with his friends and both sets of grandparents (who live out of town) chose to gift him experiences with memberships to our local zoo and children’s museum. 
To mark the big day, Justin and I planned the ultimate Gray Day Of Fun and spent the day watching endless Mickey (trust me, that’s all our kid wanted), eating popsicles, cinnamon rolls and pizza, snuggling and taking an adventure in his new trike to burn off the birthday energy.
To wrap up what felt like two weeks of celebrating, we booked a trip to Georgia to spend time with Grandma and Papa, Justin’s parents. My in-law’s live outside of Atlanta so we planned a day at the Georgia Aquarium, knowing our babe is on a crazy sea creature kick at the moment. Strawberry ice cream cake, a blow up bounce house (the best ever purchase from Costco) and the No Rules policy at Grandma’s house made for one heck of a finale for the Two Year Old Blow Out Fiesta. 
And now, a classic photo dump of all of the celebrations:

 Oh, sweet baby, may this year bring you infinite joy and many, many more giggles.
P.S. check out the babe’s first birthday party here