How is it August already? 
I just got a call from Gray’s school so that we could conference about what room he should be in this year and all I could think was how could Summer already be over? Our Meet The Teacher Night is just around the corner and I am so excited to get us settled into our school year routine (I really do love a routine, no shame in my game). Gray loved his little school last year and we are so ready to see what will be his favorite part of this school year – last year it was art (he once slept with a cotton ball sheep he made in art class) but over the Summer he has really fallen in love with numbers.
And I have fallen in love with the idea that Daddy will be in charge of school drop off on the day that Mama heads into the office. My husband’s schedule is super crazy so I love the idea that my boys will get some one on one time together and that Justin can be apart of Gray’s school day. To make sure Justin was ready to take on drop off duties for the first time, I updated his Dad Bag and sent him on a test run while I was away in Houston. Gray was in a summer program and because I was away through Monday, the boys were responsible for getting themselves off to school and work without me. 
First up, Justin has been rocking a decades old, satchel style laptop bag that I think he got for free at a work seminar. It has certainly seen better days and it doesn’t have room for anything other than his laptop and a few random office supplies. I thought he could use a better bag that could serve him on his dad adventures (and is TSA friendly!), so I hit the SWISSGEAR website and snagged him the SWISSGEAR 6752 ScanSmart TSA Laptop Backpack
And I am pleased to report that it holds so.much.stuff. Justin can stash his work laptop, files etc into the backpack and still have room for a few baby related things (you know, toy cars, diapers, wipes, the iPad, just the essentials really). 
After getting his dad gear ready to go, I sent him an email titled “How To Survive School Drop Off” with every detail he might need – he’s actually never been to drop off before so I tried to cover all of the highlights for him – and I guess I really hammered home the “no nuts” policy because I received this text message on Sunday night:
Such a comedian. 
According to Justin, drop off went perfectly and there were no emails or notes sent home from school, so it must be true. While Justin was taking his SWISSGEAR BackPack for a spin at school,  I was across the country taking my new Hardside Carry On Spinner for a test drive. 
I am obsessed with this little guy – hard sided, TSA approved carry on size and in a sleek shade of white – what more could a girl want? My best friend Meg loved it so much that she tried to steal it but I couldn’t let it go because I need it for our next trip – which is only one week away! 
We’re headed to Pebble Beach, California and I can’t wait! More details soon! 
Thank you to SWISSGEAR for sponsoring this post. All opinions are mine and based upon my experience with the products mentioned.