Whoa, today was a blur. I meant to have this post up sometime this morning but clearly I’m not on my game! Because we’re well in to Monday, let’s make this weekend wrap up count and hit on a few other things that have been on my mind (and ya’lls!)
If you follow me on Snap Chat (oliveandtate), you know that our AC went out late last week – and, as it always does, the AC went out at the worst time ever – the night before Justin began a full weekend of 12 + hour days. With things looking grim (and sweaty) around the house, I decided it was time to call in the big guns: my in-laws. I loaded up the baby and headed south to my in-law’s home outside of Atlanta. Thankfully, they are awesome and don’t mind when I show up and beg them to let me use their AC while they play with my son. Gray had the best weekend ever and spent his weekend bouncing in bounce houses, swimming in the pool, eating chocolate ice cream, running around the children’s museum and downing donuts. 

My mother in law spoiled me with my favorite meal (her chicken cordon blue) and we dined on a “ladies lunch” of my Summer Sangria and a batch of Copy Cat Avocado Egg Rolls. Some of you asked for the recipe on snap and she used this one – but we only used half a lime in the sauce and thought we could have also cut the lime (and added some jalapeño!).  If you love guacamole, you’ll love these as they are basically deep fried guac! 
I said it all weekend long and I’ll say it again: God bless grandparents.
And yes, I am insanely lucky in the in-law department! 
Scary Mommy
I managed (by some stroke of luck) to convince Scary Mommy to run another piece of mine this weekend! I was thrilled when they agreed to run 6 Things This Preschool Mom Is Saying No To This Year – and got a kick out of some of the Facebook comments left on the post. Scary Mommy is one of my absolute favorite publishing outlets for mamas like me and it honestly floors me every single time they agree to run one of my pieces. Thanks to everyone who shared, commented on and Tweeted the article! 
So, I don’t know if it was just my account or if this is the direction that Instagram is really going but every time I’ve checked my Instagram feed in the last 4 or 5 days I’ve seen the same damn photos over and over again. No new content, ever. I honestly hope it was a glitch and not the actual algorithm but I was bored out of my mind every single time I opened Instagram. I shut it down after a second or so each time, which means I missed a ton of your posts, announcements, updates and moments. I’ve started posting more on the blog Facebook page (throwing it back to 2012) and am keeping up with Snap Chat so I’m following all of you there! 
Clothes, Clothes, Clothes
This Anthro dress from our Pebble Beach trip is now almost half off, my go-to jeans are now cheaper than when I bought them during the Nordstrom sale and this is the grey Target sweater from my snap! 
This week will be a fun one around here with a great giveaway coming up and a re-cap of our California trip (finally!). Hope everyone had a great weekend!