This post was sponsored by Crazy8. All opinions and experiences are my own and are based upon our experience with each item mentioned.  

I’m going out on a not so long limb here and stating a fact:
There is no more difficult human to both dress and keep dressed than a toddler boy. 
Not only are toddler boys really into taking their clothes (and shoes) off at any given moment, they also tend to grow in these giant growth spurts that leave you frantically digging for a pair of pants long enough to cover their ankles. On top of that, it’s no myth that boys play rough and play clothes are a must – and they have to be sturdy, cost efficient and soft, because Hell hath no furry like a toddler who has an itchy tag in his tee shirt.

Allow me to introduce you to my new fave online children’s retailer, Crazy8. Nothing makes me happier than a large selection of great boy clothes (boy mamas know exactly what I mean!) with a great price tag. While Crazy8 is killer for outfits for all occasions, I majorly ransacked their easy to mix and match “play clothes” selection to stock Gray up for Fall (including all of the layers for our South Carolina “fall”). 
And yes, I am that mom who forced my kid into a puffy vest and cords the second they arrived so that I could see how cute he looked in all of it. But how cute does he look in all of his little layers?? A Sherpa vest and his first lace up sneakers – yes, please!

Truth: I actually said to Justin at dinner tonight, “this kid is a wild animal but he is Heaven on Earth to me.” Justin rolled his eyes and I tried to squeeze the baby’s face off!

Sherpa vest | sneakers | long sleeve tee | cords |

I love the quality of all of the pieces we snagged (from shoes to tees!) and cannot wait to stock up on all things cool weather for my growing babe. 

And I’m not the only one who will be shopping, one of you will win a $50 gift card to Crazy8! Just head to my Instagram at 8:30pm on 9/29 to enter!

Head over to Crazy8 and let me know what you’re snagging for Fall for your littles (and yes, I left a few Sherpa Vests for ya’ll!).