What a simple, sweet, easy, long weekend! I really cherished all of our time together since Justin’s work schedule has been crazy, and the guys in this house really cherished 4 nights in a row of college football. We managed to do basically nothing and a ton all at the same time so here’s a quick photo dump to prove that we left the house.

I kicked the weekend off on thursday with a bourbon tasting at Dark Corner Distillery in downtown Greenville with my blogger crew. I genuinely love when this group of girls is able to get together and we end up having the best time all over town. While bourbon isn’t usually my drink of choice (my vino loyalty is strong), Dark Corner has an amazing line up of flavored bourbons that mix into cocktails like a breeze. I highly recommend a stop by their storefront for a taste of the house made liquors (and moonshine), especially because the vibe inside is light and fresh. When you go, ask for a tasting of the Clemson bourbon – it tastes like Fruit Loops! 

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On Friday Gray and I ran a ton of errands to stock up for the weekend. For some reason, I came home with like 5 types of cheeses, guacamole ingredients and fresh flowers. And not much else. Oops. I also stalked the mail man so I could get my hands on my Anthropologie sale on sale snags. Shockingly, they were all keepers!

Gray celebrated daddy finally coming home before bedtime by acting like the wild animal/toddler hybrid that he is. We are officially in the rough housing stage and it is insanity – I can only compare it to living with a tiny WWE wrestler who isn’t concerned with spacial awareness. 

| dress wearing a Medium | white tank wearing a L| jeans wearing a 30 | stripe tank wearing a L |

On saturday I managed to hit the barre before everyone was up (I worked out on a weekend. At 8am. Megan called me to make sure I was feeling ok) and met the guys for a well deserved donut date after. They were both buzzing with First Game Of The Season Excitement and the orange and purple sprinkle covered donuts did not help things. After naps we got dolled up in our game day finest and got ready to celebrate the first game of the season with our friends. We were treated to slow roasted BBQ, handmade sauces, lots of toddler shenanigans and friends who don’t mind when your kid gets in a fight with their kid over an iPad. The Clemson game didn’t kick off until 9pm EST, so we were all home and in bed well before things got interesting – but hey, a win in a win! 

| my top wearing a size 10 |

On Sunday we were slow moving (“we” meaning the adults, thanks to the game being over at 1am) but our toddler was ready to burn some energy so off we went to dine on our fave biscuits and breakfast potatoes, play downtown, enjoy our city,  and nap as a family. The weather in Greenville was really stunning this weekend so we had to take advantage of every possible outdoor play space downtown.

Biscuit Head standard order: Classic with bacon and a side of Moon Potatoes

By Monday we could only manage to
stuff our faces, nap again, and play outside. I managed to go to barre again in the am (I can’t help but mention that!) and Gray managed to eat his body weight in breadsticks at Sidewall Pizza.

Sidewall standard lunch order: wedge salad, breadsticks to split with the baby and half of the Caprese Sub (add proscuitto!)

See? Accomplished nothing – didn’t even snap a pic of anything but food.

It was the type of weekend that was good for the soul and now we’re ready to tackle the week (but not the weekend laundry. I will never be ready to tackle the weekend laundry.) I hope everyone had a great weekend!

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