Oh man, was this a fast, tiring, fun, toddler-boy-craziness filled weekend.
I’ll keep this one short on the words (and long on the pics, sorry) because Justin and I are ready to crash for the night! Amazing friends of ours, Laura and Brian, invited all three of us to join them (and their sweet, almost three year old son, Mack) at their mountain cabin in Boone this weekend. We jumped at the chance to spend time with friends who totally understand what it is to have a two and a half year old – I mean, is there anything like friends who are in the exact same stage of parenting that you are? This weekend proved that there is, in fact, nothing more valuable.
Boone is roughly three hours from Greenville and we hit the road with a loose plan for the weekend: survive and do boy things to burn energy.
On Saturday morning we made a break for Tweetsie Railroad 

 It was a brisk 44 degrees so we were bundled up but the boys had a blast riding the train, the sky shuttle and petting every single goat in the petting zoo. 
After our grand adventure, we made it home for naps, destroying the house, watching football and devouring my first batch of chili of the season.
And yes, I dressed in my most Basic fall ensemble the entire time we were away. 

On Sunday we watched the boys run themselves silly around the house and tried to plan our trip home around nap time (try being the key word). We made a stop at Come Back Shack on our way out of town and all I can say is that we need one of those in Greenville. 

We loaded up after lunch hoping for naps and ended up with one thousand episodes of Mickey…

At least the boys were happy! 
This week is gearing up to be a busy one – there are two photo shoots in the next two weekends in our kitchen so I’ve got to get on some holiday decorating and deep cleaning! I hope everyone had a great weekend!