toddler boy holiday gift guide
After I published this post sharing the adorable (if I do say so myself!) custom alphabet book I made for Gray I’ve received a ton of emails asking what else we’re giving him for Christmas! Believe it or not, I’m actually all caught up on shopping, so making this Gift Guide was super fun for me – thanks to those of you who requested it! 
This year, we’re trying to avoid gifting him “toys” (translation: junk I have to store) and are making our best effort to get him things that we think he’ll love, won’t toss aside after a few minutes and are hopefully learning centered. Obviously, playing Santa is more fun than I ever could have imagined so a toy or two may have snuck into the gift pile – and I can’t say that I’m sorry about it! I’ve put everything together in this list, including my suggestion for my parents, the two “big” gifts we’ve given Gray over the year and gifts my in-laws have given Gray recently that he loves (they love an anytime gift!).
P.S. Our toddler boy stocking stuffer guide is coming soon!
The Ultimate Toddler Boy Gift Guide
This is what my parents are getting Gray for Christmas and I’m not sure who will be more excited to get it out of the box! I read about this desk online and thought Gray would dig the numbers and letters especially but liked the idea of grabbing the expansion packs ($10 each) as he gets bored with the basics. My mom actually found the desk on sale for less than $40 with free store pick up so be sure to watch for Black Friday deals on this one.
My in-laws gave this to Gray a month or so ago and he is obsessed with it. He knows all of the shapes (I had to check with Justin about the Quadrilateral) and we are starting to talk about the minute and hour hands on the clock. He carries the clock all over our house to play with it and I will always recommend Melissa and Doug products because I think they take toddler abuse oh so well.  
Ok, I am so, so excited to give this to Gray! He loves watches (clocks, numbers, see a theme here??) and he always points to my watch, then Justin’s and then say’s wheres Gray’s watch?? He is Mickey obsessed and this rubber watch is going to be such a hit. It’s on Amazon Prime for $10 and while it’s child size, I’m sure it will be too big. I chose the rubber band so that we could jam the clasp through the band to hopefully make it smaller. For $10 I didn’t have high expectations but it comes in a cute Mickey tin watch box and is very vibrant and fun. I know he’ll love it.
Gray currently loves the wooden puzzles we have from Melissa and Doug so I’m hoping he’ll feel the same way about his first jigsaw puzzle. It’s full of cars so I’m hoping it will keep him occupied for at least a few minutes!
Gray is in a Daddy phase and wants to do everything Justin does. He already owns a baby sized rake so a tool box is the obvious next step. And yes, another Melissa and Doug toy!
We gave Gray this exact wagon last year for Christmas and we are so glad that we did. He loves to be pulled around the block and now that he’s older he pulls the wagon around the yard, loading it with his toys and moving them form one spot to another. If you’re in the market for a wagon that has a more comfy ride, check out this model.
The classic combo of Duplo and trains, this one is a slam dunk. We have a set of Duplo and he loves them – and we’re working on our stacking skills. As a side note, I think the Duplo train will probably be my new go-to birthday present for a toddler boy!
What toddler boy doesn’t love rain boots? I like this as a grandparent present because they are technically something that falls into the need category. 
Yep, another Melissa and Doug toy, but I am so digging the traffic jam 24 piece puzzle. Jumbo pieces are our speed so hopefully the puzzle thing will be a hit. P.S. I think this would be a great item to open at Grandma’s and then leave there!
We gave this to Gray (after much research by Justin) for his second birthday and he really does love it. He does not love wearing his helmet so he doesn’t ride it as much as he would like (no helmet, no ride), but when we do get it all together, he is in love with the trike. We highly recommend it! 
What’s on your toddler gift list??