Ok, what time is it? 
It’s pitch black dark out and, like, 6pm. 
I’m not a huge fan of Daylight Savings (I think it’s probably a little leftover PTSD from those insanely long Maine nights) but I do love an excuse to get in bed at 7pm, so I really can’t complain.
This weekend seemed to fly by – we spent Friday night glued to our favorite show, Treasure Quest on Discovery. Seriously, Justin and I are addicted to that stupid show and they have yet to find any treasure (through all of Season 1, no treasure, and yet we still watched). Also, it’s clear that our social life has really plummeted with Justin’s insane work schedule when I’m excited to talk about the documentary reality show we watched on our wild Friday night.
On Saturday, Justin went to Clemson to watch the Tigers play and Gray and I held down the fort. We ran errands, played outside and ate Chick-Fil-a (twice). I spent part of the day getting the Willow Crowns site ready for the Holiday Collection launch this Thursday! The Holiday Collection is just so pretty – full of candy reds and fun surprise prints (like a Winter floral!). I’m really excited to see which pieces turn out to be customer faves.

The rest of Saturday was spent prepping for a fun photo shoot that we had at our home on Sunday – and it was for a holiday edition of a local magazine so we had to deck our halls! I typically do not pull out Christmas decor until December 1 but this year, we are full blown Christmas in the main living spaces of our home. Here are a few sneak peeks before the real shots come in! 

and yes, I fixed that one ridiculously crooked candle! 
I hope everyone had an amazing weekend!