First of all, thank you so much for your overwhelming love and support about our announcement! I have so many emails, texts, messages and comments to respond to and I am so grateful for this community. Many of you had questions that I didn’t answer in yesterday’s announcement post, so I thought I would jot them down in one place today, while they’re all still fresh in my mind! And, yes, I will link to the dress! So many of you loved it and it’s non-maternity! 
dress (wearing a size L both before and during pregnancy) 

Q: How have you been feeling?
A: Pretty terrible! This pregnancy has been so different from my first and the first trimester symptoms are no exception. Here’s a fun one: this baby HATES coffee. If you’ve seen a red cup on my recently silent feed, it’s been hot chocolate and not my beloved grande Pike’s Place in a venti cup with extra cream and 5 Splenda. Also, the exhaustion. Whoa baby. I know I was tired when I was pregnant with Gray but, you know, I could lay down and rest whenever I wanted. I’ve napped every day when Gray naps and when I don’t, I barely make it to dinner time. I haven’t cooked in 12 weeks, even being in the grocery store turns my stomach, and the smells of the world are out to get me. My anxiety has also been a little high but I’ll explain more about that soon.
Q: When are you due/How far along are you?
A: I’m due in June and am currently cruising through week 12
Q: Was this a planned pregnancy or a surprise?
A: Well, the answer to that is a little complicated. A few months ago, we found out we were expecting a complete and total surprise baby. We were very caught off guard and it took a minute to adjust to the idea of growing our family. As soon as we really became excited about the idea, we lost that pregnancy. It was heartbreaking and really tough for me to process but we were blessed with this pregnancy just a few short weeks later. This baby has also kept us on our toes and has been monitored pretty extensively. We had one major scare at exactly the same point that we lost the last baby (in the same ER, same ultrasound room) but this babe is a fighter and has surprised us at every turn. Currently, baby is growing right on track, has a strong heartbeat and has passed every test with flying colors. I can’t lie and say this past few months has been easy or that I’ve even handled it all very well. With my anxiety, it’s been very difficult and I’ve worked hard to keep things in check for the baby’s sake – but some days, the anxiety wins. I’m hopeful that the second trimester will bring a little peace and relief.
Q: Will you have another C Section/Will this baby be breech?
A: Yes! to the C Section! I loved my first one and am looking forward to another Cesarean birth. As for another breech baby….yes, it’s highly possible that this baby will be breech as well because that’s where Gray was sweet enough to “make room”. Gray was a unique position of breech called Frank Breech that added to the fun factor so hopefully if this baby is breech, it will be in a more classic presentation. While I break out in cold sweats at the thought of that much pain again, if we make it through with only a breech babe and no pre-term labor, I will be one happy mama. 
Q: Do you have any thoughts on gender?
A: Just like with Gray, I am confident that I know the gender of this baby. We have been calling the baby “her” and by our chosen girl name since we saw those two pink lines! I bought Gray one boy item before we knew the gender and I have already purchased this baby a girl item (shoes of course!). What can I say, it’s mother’s intuition! 
Q: Is this why you haven’t been blogging or on social media?
A: Yeeeees. I’m not sure that I’ve ever mentioned it before, but my writing process is different than most – I literally sit down each night after dinner and write my post for the day in about an hour. I then immediately publish and promote on social media. I don’t work from an editorial calendar (I so wish I could), so unless I have sponsored work lined up, my blog posts are a result of whats been bouncing around my head that day. Since my head space has been full of pregnancy, baby, pregnancy complications and what I want to eat that won’t make me sick, I haven’t had much to write about – and I am so sorry for that! I’ve missed this space and have hated to neglect it but I’m back with posts I’ve been dying to write (in fact, there will actually be a second, much funnier post coming later today!). Thanks for hanging in there with me while I work through all of this- I can’t wait to share this ride with ya’ll.

All photos by Christa Rene Photography