This one is more for my memory bank than anything else, so hang in there with me as I get a teeny bit sentimental about my sweet boy (blame the pregnancy hormones). 
This year I started the tradition of taking Gray out on a Mommy + Gray date to celebrate Valentine’s Day. We went downtown to spend some time eating sweets, playing in the fountains and strolling in the sunshine and I just loved every second of it. He’s reached a stage where he is so fun to chat with and I loved explaining to him what a “date” was. We took our time, ditched the distractions and got sprinkles everywhere, so it was a perfect couple of hours soaking in my now big boy. 

And yes, Gray is wearing pajamas. The kid loves to be comfy, who can blame him??

When Justin got home that night, he asked Gray what he had done that day and Gray launched into the tale of his Date with Mommy. Honestly, I could have died overhearing their little conversation. Gray went into detail about his cookie (the most important part), what a date was and how he ran through the fountain with me chasing behind him. I’m just in awe of how quickly he’s growing up and can’t believe he’ll be a big brother in just a few months.
Cue the pregnancy tears (and the necessary chocolate cupcake).
I hope you all had an amazing Valentine’s Day with the ones you love!