If there was ever a time to be spoiled or treat yourself, it would be during pregnancy don’t you think? I mean, we can’t see our feet, can smell something gross from a mile away and have giant boobies. I can’t think of three better reasons to snag a little something to pretty things up, can you?
Heart Pajamas
Pajama sets are my jam. I own so many pairs of executive pajamas, monogrammed sleep shirts and seasonal pajama sets that it’s kind of embarrassing. Sadly, some are getting a little short in the tummy or snug around the ladies so I’m digging this heart pair to have on hand for the remainder of my pregnancy. I won’t lie, I’ll probably treat myself to this set in the very near future! 
Sparkly Studs
I’m a huge fan of statement stud earrings. Perfect with jeans and a tee but not long enough for a baby or toddler to snag and pull, they make me feel instantly more put together. This little pair is just $32 and they would be perfect to gift – hint, hint Justin! 
When I’m pregnant I live in leggings, a tank and kimonos or wraps. I love that I can keep them in my wardrobe post baby and that they can be dressed up for the office or down for school drop off. The bright, springy floral print of this kimono is a fave and I can rock it well into the summer when I’ll be very pregnant and not wanting to show off my arms – and also not wanting to sweat to death. Pregnancy is so glam.
The perfect robe for a hospital stay – roomy, sweet and appropriate to greet visitors in – is a must for any mom to be. I love the soft shade of blush and lace trim on this robe, especially for girl mamas! 
Lip Treatment
Oh man are my lips dry when I’m pregnant. I battle dry lips in the winter no matter what but pregnancy really seems to wreak havoc on my skin and lips. I’m dying to add the It Cosmetics Lip Treatment to my arsenal and  get my lips back in shape (they’ll be the only thing in shape but that’s neither here nor there).
Monogram Necklace
Everyone knows I’m obsessed with The Modern Bazaar necklaces and bracelets (I wear them every single day) and I can’t think of a sweeter gift for a mama to be than a simple gold necklace with her new babe’s initial on it.  Perfect even if your keeping the name under wraps, I obsessed with the hammered disc, but you can snag a traditional gold charm if that’s more your style.
I have a pair super similar to this pair of slippers but they’ve seen better days, so I think it’s time for an upgrade! I love the hard sole and the soft shade of this particular pair and think they will be perfect for delivery, our hospital stay and the follow up coffee trips I’ll need once baby is home. 
Fellow mamas to be, what’s on your Valentine’s wish list?