Our baby girl is already (over) six weeks old! I know this is eye roll inducing to say, but it really does feel like she’s been apart of our family for much longer. We are just so lucky that she is healthy, growing and ours. Because my Mom Brain has reached epic levels of terribleness, I thought I should take advantage of having a blog and jot down a few things about the last six weeks of Georgia (and you know, dump one million iPhone snaps onto any poor, unsuspecting readers who still show up when I hit publish).
Our babe is still a petite lady, weighing in somewhere near 8 whole pounds. She was born at 6lbs 5oz and has steadily been gaining weight and hitting her growth curve, so while she seems so mini to us, our doctors assure us that she is just a delicate girl (she clearly did not get that from me). It boggles my mind that she still weighs less than Gray did when he was born – and that she wears newborn sized clothes! I honestly only had one or two newborn sleepers on hand because Gray never fit into them, so I assumed none of our babies would, so our sweet babe rocks the same few sleepers over and over again. Sorry about that, G! 

As usual, we’ve really worked up a roster of nicknames for our newest offspring and rarely call her by Georgia. She earned the nickname Squeaks in the hospital because her cries were so small and quiet compared to our three year old’s shouts, Peanut because she’s so tiny, Georgie and, most often, Georgie Bell. I have no idea where Georgie Bell came from but we all call her that (or Bell) so much that Gray recently told a stranger in the grocery store that his little sister’s name was Georgie Bell. I’m not sure that I’ve mentioned that Georgia was my great-grandmother’s name and we gave her my middle name as her own, and of course, because we’re Southern, it’s also a family/maiden name from my mother’s side of the family. 

Our Bell has been cursed with acid reflux and absolutely has a tough go of it in the evenings. During the day, she is a “happy spitter” but in the evenings she really struggles. We hate, hate, hate watching her be in pain and, when combined with the Witching Hour, we can have a pretty rogue time from 5-8pm. I am open to any and all suggestions to help her – we are on medication from our pediatrician before feeds but we’ll do whatever we can to ease her pain (and ours) during the evenings, so hit me with your best tips. 
(total fail at our one month photos) 
Currently, her eyes are a dark blue and I can’t wait to see what color they become as she grows. Gray’s eyes are blue just like Justin’s so I hope she’ll also have baby blues but who knows! Her hair is this insanely spiky, hedgehog looking craziness in a shade that I can only describe as spun gold. What this child will look like when she’s older is currently a mystery to me but my current guess is she’ll be a blue eyed brunette. 
In her first six weeks of life, Georgia has been on vacation, gone on girl’s lunches, managed to wrap her brother around her little finger, learned to rock a car nap, is waking twice a night and sometimes only once to eat, is starting to coo and is spending more time awake during the day. She loves bath time, which comes as a relief at the end of the evening, and sleeps best in her DockATot. 
We are so in love with our sweet girl and I kiss her face so much that she’ll probably learn to roll her eyes before she learns to roll over. Such is life, Bell, such is life.