This is our very first year really, truly playing Santa and we can’t wait.

Our big boy is the embodiment of Christmas Spirit and it makes things like a Toys ‘R’ Us run at 8pm for the newest Sea Patroler completely and totally worth it. 
Knowing that we’ll be staying up late to build a baby activity gym and Paw Patrol dream land, Justin and I have decided to start a few new Christmas Eve/Santa’s Helper traditions of our own. I’m stealing one tradition from my parents: each year they rented (in the days of Blockbuster) a movie that they both wanted to see but had saved for that night. Once the movie was over, they knew we would be in a deep sleep and the Santa shenanigans could begin. This year, Justin and I will pick a movie on Netflix to watch while we build the baby’s play jail – my vote is Love Actually for the one millionth time but I have a feeling we’ll be watching Rogue One….again. 
While we wrap presents, pretend to understand the order of the Star Wars movies and eat Santa cookies, we’ll need a beverage to quench our thirst. An adult beverage. 
I present to you the easiest, coziest, most festive holiday drink in all the land -perfect for single servings or to serve a crowd
Hot Santa Cider

Trader Joe’s Spiced Cider (seasonal and only available in the Fall and Winter)
Spiced Rum 
Trader Joe’s candied orange slices
In a small sauce pan, combine 16oz Spiced Cider with 4 oz of Spiced Rum 
Heat on low heat until warm
Serve with a candied orange slice dropped into the mug just before drinking 
The candied orange slices are gorgeous, a great conversation starter and add the perfect amount of sweetness for those who don’t love the taste of rum. 
Yields two mugs
For a large crowd, mix in a pot on the stove or in a crock pot, simmer or low and allow guests to serve themselves – it makes the house smell amazing! 
Cheers, friends!