Without a doubt, 2017 was a wild ride….

We sold a house, lived in an apartment, renovated a new house, moved, had a baby, became a family of four, battled colic, lost more hours of sleep than I can count and documented it all right here on this little blog.

The fifth most viewed post of the year:
Dear Dads, This Is The One Gift Moms Really Want

Over the course of 2017, I published 68 blog posts that were viewed a million times from all over the world. It never ceases to amaze me that my hobby has turned into a business that truly sustains me on a personal level. When I feel lost in the motherhood madness, I know that I can turn to this space for an outlet, for a chance to be me (you know, the real me, not just Gray’s Mom or Georgia’s Spit Up Rag).

This year was a huge year full of goals met and dreams realized for me as a blogger. I was able to work with brands that inspire me, artists with incredible talent and fellow bloggers who have taught me invaluable lessons. My work has appeared on outlets like Scary Mommy, HuffPost, Real Simple, Food and Wine and more. (I read that sentence and think HOW is that even possible!?)

The fourth most read post of the year:

Baby Girl’s Nursery Reveal 

 So, what’s ahead?

On January first, I published a few quick Instagram polls asking what you guys wanted to see more of in the new year – and the messages and results were clear that a return to the real deal motherhood posts is in the cards. Many of you have been around long enough to remember my first year of motherhood and the posts that came out of that time – they are very honest, vulnerable and, in some cases, controversial. I loved writing those posts but as my audience grew and the exposure of my vulnerabilities increased, it got a little hot in the kitchen. Admittedly, I couldn’t take the heat, so I hopped right out of that kitchen and haven’t looked back. But, you are the reason this space is what it is, so this year I will do my damnedest to put on my big girl panties, write some vulnerable/real motherhood stuff and deal with what comes. I mean, let’s be real here, I could write a novel on surviving colic, so it’s not like I don’t have the stories to tell!

The third most viewed post of the year
Maternity Wardrobe Essentials 

Much to my surprise, it seems that watching me squeeze myself into a pair of jeans really speaks to ya’ll, so I will absolutely keep up the clothing recs and try on sessions. My apologies in advance to all of my fave photographers who have to say things like “ok, maybe not so awkward” during my “fashion” shoots, looks like we’ll be doing it more this year!

Honestly, I had really hoped to start the 2018 update with a little something like “2018 is going to be a year of calm, a year of settling” but it looks like things are going to be crazier than ever. Once it all shakes out, I’ll fill ya’ll in, but needless to say, I’ll have my hands full!

The second most viewed post of the year
The Ultimate List of Second Baby Must Haves

For the blog, my goal is work smarter, not harder, to streamline all of the “noise” that comes along with the blogging world, to write a little e-book geared for bloggers, to work with an international brand and to keep producing content that I’m proud of. I’ve really taken a step back from Instagram and the hustle, if you will, and am instead enjoying keeping it real on Insta Stories, so I’ll keep that up this year as well.

And, the number one most viewed post of 2017, my claim to fame and a tiny taste of going viral:
How To Build The Ultimate Trader Joe’s Cheese Board

I want to thank each of you for every single comment, like, share and the time you take to pop over here and read my posts. After 4 years of blogging, I know that this community has made Olive and Tate what it is, and I am forever grateful! If you have an idea/topic/post that you would love for me to write about please let me know! And I promise I am working on that cheap wine round up….

Happy 2018, Friends!