My husband has been known to say that one of the ultimate perks of me writing this little blog is that he never has to scrounge around for gift ideas – he just hops over here and takes a hint from one of my gift guides. With that in mind, I’m putting together my ideal list of gifts, just in time for Valentine’s Day: The Best Gifts for the Wine Lover (feel free to choose anything on the list, babe!).

And P.S., if you’ve been hoping I’ll share my fave resources for inexpensive, every day bottles, make sure you keep reading because I’ve got a little something up my sleeve!

The Best Valentine's Day Gifts for the Wine Lover. #wine #giftguide #wineforher #momgifts #decor

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Marble and CopperWine Chiller

With a classic, beautiful design that looks way more expensive than the price point, your wine lover will love to pull this out when she’s entertaining her fellow winos. 
Champagne Preservation Recorker
Perfect when you can’t commit to an entire bottle of champagne – because, let’s be honest, sometimes a regular old Tuesday calls for a glass of bubbles – use this Champagne Preservation Recorker to keep the bubbles in whats left of the bottle. 
Wine Gift Totes
If you’re gifting a wine love, there is no better gift that a bottle of the good stuff so step up your gifting game with these adorably chic wine tote gift bags. Even better, stuff that bad boy like a stocking full of wine themed gifts (like the wine wipes and aerator below) and you’ll hit the gifting out of the park. 
Insulated Beverage Bottle 
Perfect for a DIY Sangria pool side, you can fill the removable core of this drink chiller and stuff with fruit, berries or mint. Fill the canister with white wine, add your favorite citrus and berry combo to the core, top with Lemonade and Sprite (recipe here) and you’re all set. It’s made of stainless steel, holds 18 oz and is shatter proof! 
I’m fairly certain these we made just for me so I’ll be too busy adding them to my cart to write a description. 
Rewined Candle
Rewined Candles are handmade here in South Carolina and I love the wine flavored scents, how cleanly they burn and the recycled wine bottle candle holders. I’ve linked Zinfandel and highly recommend the newest Spring scent, Mimosa! 

Wine Aerator 
No need to dirty up a decanter, just aerate straight from the bottle into your glass as your pour. Perfect for bringing out the best flavors from your bottle when you’re just interested in a glass or two.

Wine Wipes 
Perfect for a red wine drinker like myself, Wine Wipes take the purple stain out of your teeth if used immediately after finishing a glass (or two). They are individually wrapped so keeping them on hand is easy – and no more purple teeth ruining your favorite wine tasting photo ops!

Striped Wine Tote
Insulated with an adjustable strap and a velcro strap to secure your corkscrew right in the top, I love this little wine tote for day drinking, picnics and get togethers.

Wine Tee
This super soft, blush pink tee reads “Chardonnay, Cortese, Sauvignon Blanc, Pino Grigio, Chablis” so it’s perfect for the white wine lovers on your list! 

Beveled Glasses
A unique set of stemless glasses is always welcome in my wine drinking cabinet. I love the shape and height of the glass and, seeing as I’m prone to be a stem breaker, I love the stem free design.
Hexagon Wine Holder
I personally have a love/hate relationship with storing wine but I think even I would love this gold hexagon wine rack on display in my kitchen. It holds 6 bottles and is less than $30, what more could you need?? 
The number one question that I receive via DM is “what’s your fave bottle of cheap wine?!”. I usually snag mine at Trader Joe’s but I know many of you don’t have access to one so I’m about to blow your mind with the best wine gift of all time: a wine club subscription with bottles less than $15 a pop! Winc is a monthly wine club subscription (with no monthly fee) that sends 4 bottles of wine straight to your door – no need to drag the kids to the grocery store or pick up whatever wine is available at your gas station (been there) – Winc has you covered. I’ve already ordered my first month and it’s super fun and easy to use. When you hit their site, you’ll take a short flavor profile survey, choose how many bottles of red versus white you’d like and Winc can either choose the bottles to send you or you can choose what looks yummy to you. The tasting notes of each bottle are provided in a way that makes wine tasting anything but snobby and each bottle arrives with details and suggested food pairings. Honestly, I can’t think of a better gift than 4 bottles of wine showing up at my door each month, ready and waiting for me. Go take a peek at what they’re working with and use code OLIVEANDTATE to save $22 off of your first month!

Wine Decanter
I love the Gatsby vibe of this decanter – most decanters feature smooth, round shapes but this one brings in geometric edges while still providing enough air movement to bring out the best in your wine.

Stainless Wine Glasses (with lids!) 
Not all of us wine lovers are graceful when we taste, so it’s always a good idea to have an unbreakable, spill proof wine glass on hand. This set of two glasses are stainless steel, shatter proof, maintain a chilled temp and come complete with lids. Better order a double set for Summer!
Cheers, Friends!