Welcome to the 2019 round up of the best denim shorts on the market! I set out to find a wide range of options, from Bermuda length to cut offs, high rise to elastic waist bands and all at super friendly price points! Overall, we’re working with 11 pair of denim so let’s get started! 
Here are my stats: 
size medium or large in tops, depending on the length and bust
size 29 in denim
size 8 in bottoms
Light Wash Roll Hem Short || Wearing Size 29

Perfect for: Shorts Traditionalists

This is about as classic as a denim short comes – rolled tab hem, medium wash with no whiskering and a mid rise (below the belly button). They do fit a bit roomy in the crotch which doesn’t bother me, in fact I think it’s comfy, and run true to size. The cuffs are sewn so the won’t lose shape but also can’t be unrolled.

Elastic Waist Pull On Short || Wearing L
Perfect For: Short Haters
Everyone needs this pair. I actually wanted to wear them out of the store, they were so comfy. I am wearing a Large however they are generously sized and I could have easily worn the medium. The rise is probably the lowest of all of the pairs in the round up but the fit is extremely flattering. If you are pregnant, postpartum, want to wear shorts but hate the feeling of shorts cutting you off mid thigh or hate to wear a traditional button fly in the heat of summer, then this pair is for you! They also come in pink.
Dark Wash Roll Hem Short || Wearing 29
Perfect for: A Clean, Slim Line
This is one of the most flattering pairs in the line up thanks to the super dark wash and thin, cuffed hem. The rise is a solid mid rise (just below the belly button) and the length is appropriate for just about anything. You’ll be tucked in and flattered in this pair. Cuffs are sewn in place so you won’t have to fuss with them.
Dark Wash Bermuda Shorts || Wearing 29
Perfect For: Bermuda Lovers
I don’t personally find Bermuda shorts to be the most flattering or comfortable, but I did have quite a few requests to try them on so here ya go! I did find two pairs for the round up and my thoughts on fit are this: if you’re going to do a Bermuda, steer clear of an overly tight fit on the leg. This particular pair is about as slim as I would want to go but the dark wash and minimally cut pockets keep the leg looking long and slim. Also, when trying on Bermudas, watch for the leg to be cut in an area that essentially cuts your leg in a way that makes your leg look shorter, as they have a tendency to do. 
Raw Hem Front Pocket Short || Wearing 30
Perfect For: Detail Lovers
The pocket style on this pair is a fun change for those who want a little something different. I was worried that they would add bulk but instead, I think the look is very minimal and just a fun detail overall. The hem is raw but could be rolled if you prefer – and the length of the leg allows them to be rolled without being too skimpy. 
The Perfect Short, High Rise || Wearing 29
Perfect For: A Classic With Edge
I personally own multiples of this pair – it can do know wrong in my opinion. The wash is dark without being too heavy for Summer, the edges are raw and will become more worn with washing, the rise is just below the belly button with a length on the shorter side. The leg is fitted and not too wide so if you want a looser leg, size up a size. 
Light Wash Bermudas || Wearing 30
The second take on Bermudas in the round up has a more relaxed, current feel with a looser/boyfriend leg and frayed hem. This pair is also incredibly soft and comfortable with a rise to the belly button. You could cuff the hem if you wanted but I like the line created by the length of the legs of this pair. 
 High Rise Short || Wearing 29

Perfect For: Length Without Sacrificing Style

This may be my new go-to pair and here’s why: not only is the rise my fave (high, to or above the belly button), the wash dark and the hem raw, but the length of this pair is perfect. It is long enough that you can wear the shorts cuffed or uncuffed without looking matronly or letting it all hang out. 

For size reference, below is the exact same high rise pair, but in a different shade and up one size. I wanted you to see the room you could get in the leg/crotch without too much change in the waist. I personally like a looser leg, so I do occasionally size up to get that feel (because let’s be honest, it all about the feel on the thighs!). 
 Light Wash Raw Hem || Wearing a 30
High Rise Button Front || Wearing 29
Perfect For: High Rise Lovers
The button front style will never get old to me, so this pair is up there on my must-have list. The rise is high (over the belly button), while the length is on the longer side. This is another pair that can be cuffed if you don’t love the raw edge style and I would highly recommend this pair to anyone who thinks they can only “do” Bermudas. This pair will give you the length you’re after while still giving you a modern short look. Bonus: that wash is super slimming! 
Dark Distressed 5″ Hem || Wearing size 8
Perfect for: Distressed Lovers
Sometimes finding a pair of distressed jeans that isn’t torn to shreds but still looks like it’s been through the ringer can be tough but I think this pair fits the bill. The length is 5″ which means your pockets and butt cheeks will stay tucked in but the raw hem and moderate distressing will only get better with washing.