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Smocked Ruffle Tank

Amazon Notables June and July
Not sure why the description has this listed as “backless” but the back rests at the same place as the front, perfect for a regular bra! This little top hits in just the right places, skims the tummy and works well for a larger bust! It comes in a ton of colors, too – I’m in a large. 
Peter Thomas Roth Max Sheer All Day Moisture 
Amazon Notables June and July
While pricey, this daily wear sunscreen is packed with skin improving vitamins and easy to apply SPF. It does have the consistency and scent of a traditional sunscreen, but blends easily with a soft, dewy finish. Perfect for an every day sunscreen. We did put it to the test at the beach and neither Justin nor I had any complaints! 
Men’s Rash Guard/Swim Shirt
Amazon Notables June and July
Snagged this swim shirt for Justin after our last trip to the Fish Shack – he has fair skin and just doesn’t love to be in the sun. Even with a tent, it felt like we couldn’t escape the rays, so I ordered him this very unassuming rash guard. It actually looks like a regular long sleeve sport short but has SPF 50 with a UPF rating of excellent. It fits true to size and isn’t skin tight like a wet suit but absolutely cuts down on sunscreen time and sun exposure. Also, it’s just $21!
Dock and Bay Microfiber Beach Towel
Amazon Notables June and July
The towels that are sweeping the internet! While I admitted in my stories that I personally don’t love the feeling of the microfiber towel when it’s wet, my kids don’t mind, so we keep two of these bad boys on hand at all times. They are so compact – truly the smallest full size beach or pool town on the market – thin, soft and perfect to stash in your car or pool bag. They fold or roll into such a small package and come with their own draw string bag. Available in tons of colors for around $20!
Nighttime Vitamin Routine:
Goodbye Stress and Sleep
Amazon Notables June and July
The only way I’m getting a good night’s sleep during the pandemic! I added in the Goodbye Stress gummies six weeks ago and am a fan. Amazon carries the refill packs of gummies that are cheaper, so I stock up there and just refill the plastic jars I have on hand.
Yummy Mummy Shapewear
Amazon Notables June and July
Wearing size L – I am happy with this pair of shape wear shorts. They have the sticky lining at the waist and medium compressions with a super soft stretch. The legs aren’t so tight that they are uncomfortable, no cutting or digging! 
Seamless Boy Short wearing XL/10-12
Amazon Notables June and July
Barely there compression, won’t roll up or down, anti-chaffing shorts! Legit nothing feels worse than chaffing under dresses in the summer, so this is the pair I’m currently wearing under dresses – they’re super lightweight and well reviewed!
Portable Cord Organzier 
Amazon Notables June and July
The best $10 ever spent! This waterproof cable sorter is life. We keep it in our kitchen for all of our miscellaneous cords, chargers, plugs and tech gear. When we leave town, we grab the entire case out of our kitchen and toss it in a bag, knowing we have everything we need to keep our lives charged.
Lens and Screen Cleaning Wipes
Amazon Notables June and July
I cannot recommend this giant box of individual screen and tech wipes enough. I keep a handful in my purse, my car, Justin’s work bag etc. They do have a rubbing alcohol smell but are quick dry and perfect for phones, phone cases, keyboards, laptops, kid tablets etc. 
Brain Flakes
Amazon Notables June and July
My kids love these things! For $15, you get like one thousand of these tiny little “flakes” that can be assembled together in a trillion different ways. My six year old especially loves building (LEGO, Magnatiles etc) so these were a slam dunk for him. A little booklet with building ideas and instructions is included to kick start projects. 
Cropped Work Out Tank
Amazon Notables June and July
Wearing a large, perfect to pair with my fave high waisted leggings
Biker Shorts
Amazon Favorites
Wearing size Large in the black, high waist compression shorts. Available up the 3X and in a ton of colors. 
The rise is above my belly button and I’m surprised how comfortable they are. They really feel like running around in leggings – just not as hot. At first, I didn’t think I could possible rock this trend, but Summer in the South is not for the faint of hart and I might just be converted! 
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Bogg Bag!
My new pool bag is the Bogg Bag in XL – it’s waterproof, lightweight, holds a ton of stuff and is the new love of my life. The XL size comes with two built in acrylic pouches for storage. 
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The Small Bogg Bag, pictured in orange, is this month’s Instagram engagement prize! It has one attached acrylic pouch and is a great size! 
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