Yesterday was Anguilla Day which celebrates the Anguillan Independence with lots and lots of partying – it was an amazing day to be here. The official celebration centers around an island wide  regatta….. and the locals take it a step further by renting charter boats (that literally chase the regatta) full of booze and other “island life” activities. If you want to celebrate with a few hundred of your best friends, then you grab a ticket to hop onto a party barge. You may not be quick enough to keep up with racers but you get a band and who knows what else to help you celebrate Anquilla Independence. 
We spent the day with new friends in a cabana and had the perfect view of the festivities as they roared by. 
Cabana Life
First site of the party barge
Party Barge

 We’ve decided that today has to be a Honeymoon Office Day…not super romantic but with a house under contract, another on the market and Justin moving to Maine in a matter of days, we need to get on some things. Plus, someone I know is a bright shade of lobster and needs a break from the sun worshipping. 
headed towards tan, fat and happy!