Master Bedroom Inspiration
It’s a big day today, ya’ll! The movers are arriving in Maine with all of our worldly possessions! I can’t express to you how thrilled I am at the thought of not only sleeping in a real bed, but OUR bed…those air mattress are loud as eff. Every time Justin rolls over in the middle of the night, I wake up…and that kid literally thrashes in his sleep. Not. Pleasant. 
Now that we are in the home stretch of the World’s Longest and Most Dramatic Move, I am gearing up to get this place Fancy, and fast! Our Master Bedroom is the most important room in the house to me – I like to hide here when I’m stressed, so I need it whipped into shape pronto, seeing as I’m typically stressed at least once a day. The rest of our guest rooms will look basically the same as they did in the Old House, same furniture/bedding/vibe, just a new house. 
But the Master is getting a Makeover, baby!
In our old house, the Master color palette was yellow and grey with Justin’s very large, very bachelor like, dark brown/black furniture. I painted the walls a soft grey and snuck in girly touches when he was out of town and couldn’t stop me.  It worked, but I’m excited for the excuse to change things up. We will use the same furniture but I’m going to soften all of the darkness with pops of gold. I’m running with what worked on my Wedding Day and am using a black and white palette with pops of metallic and texture to warm things up. 
So here’s the Grand Plan:
1. Mint: The wall color is a mint green – I searched high and low for the perfect Mint and settled on Ben Moore’s Spring Mint. I think it’s calming but brightens the space – and livens up the black and white.
2. Texture: I found this little sheepskin gem at Ikea for like $9 and had to have it. In the winter months, the warm and fuzzy texture will be ideal over our hardwood floors.
3. Hammered Gold: I found the best hammered gold drawer pulls at Hobby Lobby…and they were half off! I can’t wait to get them on our Ikea Hemnes dresser and end tables.
4. Details: We already have a set of antlers that I rescued from a yard sale (South Carolinians: it was the Jockey Lot, but how on Earth do you explain the Jockey Lot to regular human beings?!). I spray painted them all white and they’ve hung in our bedroom, over the TV, happily for a few years…I can’t wait to give them a face lift for our new room! (and don’t worry, they’re plastic, no animals were harmed in the making of this bedroom)
5. Pattern: This Ikea Tradklove fabric was the launching point for the room inspiration. I have grand plans to DIY a wall of curtains to hang behind our bed and disguise an awkwardly placed window….cross your fingers that I don’t burn the house down or accidentally super glue the dog to floor…
6. Black: That’s our so-brown-it’s-black, super masculine, Ikea Hemnes dresser…our bed and bedside tables match. I like the clean lines but am ready to fancy them up.
7. Accessorize: Our house was built in 1920 so we have, like, zero lighting options. No overheads, very few plugs, etc. I’m on the hunt for the perfect gold lamps for the bedside tables…I already have the black drums…any suggestions??
8.  White: And last, but definitely not least, we are updating all of our bedding thanks to wedding gifts from our friends and family! I am sticking with the classic all white bed a la Pottery Barn. A heavy black monogram may show up on a pillow or two to tie it all together…but you’ll have to check back and see!
Think I can pull it all off??