Game Day

Ok, I won’t lie, yesterday was the 
Nothing fits into our new house seeing as it was built before the beginning of time. 
A tiny ray of light showed up in the hands of our mail man just when I needed a Beacon Of Hope…my Game Day Dress! 

For those of you who are not Southern born and bred, let me explain that College Football is veeeery important in the South. It took us approximately 2 seconds to realize that people in Maine follow roughly zero College Teams and favor pro sports instead. Anyways, we have season tickets to Clemson Football and still plan to make the journey South for 4 games this Season. (Bye bye bank account). 

In the South we wear  dresses to football games – every activity is a fashion show! And honestly, it’s hotter than Hell out there and a dress breathes better than shorts and a tee.

My Game Day Dress for the Clemson Season Opener against the University of Georgia ‘Dawgs is a precious pinkish purple and orange shift dress by Joy Joy. And P.S. ya’ll, it was a 
steal at less than $100! I always pack flip flops for the walk to the stadium and my Ray-Bans are a must to see the ball. 

The movers are still working diligently today and I’m trying my very best to be tolerant and not cry. But no promises.