Happy Weekend Ya’ll! 
Along with the rest of the blogosphere, I’m linking up with the lovely 5 On Friday ladies to get this Friday going. But today is going to be a teensy bit different…today, I’m confessing. My friend Kelsea over at Overwhelmed by Grace had this fab idea last week and I was sweet enough to completely bootleg it from her (thanks Kelsea!). So, here we go! 
5 On Friday: Confessions
1. I loathe plucking my eyebrows. 
I mean, come on! Is it just me or doest plucking really, really hurt!? Maybe I’m just an extra big baby but I would rather let my eyebrows grow together (which they like to do) than pull out a set of tweezers. Due to my deep loathing of self inflicted eyebrow pain, I am an expert in waxing types, sugaring and threading. Just FYI, threading is my all time fave. But all of these methods must be administered by a professional – no at home anything for this girl. I would most likely get the nerve up to apply the hot wax to my face then panic and the last minute and not have the balls to rip the strip off. Second degree burns are not a good look. 
2. I love that Diet Pepsi is much more prevalent in Maine than Diet Coke. 
In the South, Coke is King (although both Coke and Pepsi were born in the South, I believe). In fact, I have a bridesmaid and a close family member who are proud Coke Family Members. Buuuuuuut, I secretly love Diet Pepsi the mostest. And lucky for me, it seems that most restaurants around here proudly serve Pepsi products. Sorry, I’m not sorry. (If you are a Southerner, you get how big of a deal this is. If you are a Northerner, just go ahead to #3.)
3. I need every.single.thing. to be in it’s “home” but I hate to actually clean. 
If you came to my house today, the downstairs/main living spaces would look like they do in the Dwell Posts here on the blog (except for the area around my Husband’s Playstation. Apparently, his socks now live on the floor in front of it and the pillows are meant to adorn the top of the couch. Sigh.) I find a place for something and it lives there. Forever and Ever, Amen. BUT, if you looked really closely you would notice that perhaps those perfectly placed picture frames are a teensy bit dusty…or the flowers have a tiny bit of brown on the petals….or that I need to vacuum. Desperately. Somehow, this doesn’t bother me. But move my coffee table an inch to the left and you die. 
4. I cannot stand to watch The View but I loooooove the Real Housewives of Anywhere Reunion Specials. 
Why does this not make sense, Non-Reality TV Viewers? Because both programs feature women yelling over each other. I can’t even stand to turn The View on (Elisabeth H. is my nemesis) but I will DVR, watch live episodes and re-runs of anything “moderated” by Andy Cohen and featuring a Housewife or two going at it over shit someone said a year ago. Justin walked in the room while the recent RHOC Reunion Special Part 2 was airing live, looked at the TV, looked at the joy on my face, shook his head and walked out. He literally had to go to another floor of our house and shut the door to drown out the screeching. It was glorious. 
5. (This is the Big One)
My Closet looks like this:
Argh, I just threw up in my mouth at the thought of ya’ll seeing this!  
So what happened was….we moved into an old house built in an era where they didn’t really “do” closets….so we have this tiny bedroom right next to the master that was probably meant to be a nursery. It is too small to have it’s own closet and so I just turned it into one. My dad built me all of the racks while my parents were in town aaaaaand if I’m being really honest, I will admit that my mom unpacked all of my wardrobe boxes and put eveerything away. I recently discovered that she even organized my Honeymoon lingerie….sorry, Mom. Anyways, she couldn’t figure out the perfect Home for every single item (ha, I inherited it!) so some things just lived in stacks or piles waiting for me to put them away. And then a burgaler broke in and threw everything around!! 
Now that this has gone public, I hope to feel enough self inflicted shame to get going on organizing this monstrosity. 
This weekend! Next week for sure! I’ll keep you posted….
Have a fab weekend ya’ll!
OH, and P.S., next week is going to be super fun because it’s….

We’ll be talking tailgate essentials, cocktails, dresses, cowboy boots, competitive husbands and the official start of the best season of all! No prior football knowledge or love of orange required!

P.P.S. If you’d like to link up to Kick Off Week I’d love to have ya’ll! 

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