Good Morning,Ya’ll!

So sorry for the lack of a post yesterday! Even my Husband was all judgy about my lack of a witty Monday morning weekend recap. What can I say? I’m just not as young as I used to be and a Bachelorette Weekend knocks me on my ass longer than I’d like to admit!

Newport was fabulous, our hostess went above and beyond, the Bride was thoroughly showered with filly panties and many bottles of champagne were consumed. Honorable Mention Awards go to: Handsome Andrew, Eloise and Hadley and Cheeto the Dog for sending over a bottle of wine at the Vineyard. Our hostess, Maria, also happens to be a professional photographer and has promised me a disc of images from the weekend – I’ll do a little photo re-cap so ya’ll can see how gorg Newport and Tiverton, RI really are when you photograph them with something other than an old iPhone.

Ok, let’s get down to business.

Today’s Blogtember asks me to review a product, place or thing…which is perfect because I’ve been meaning to tell ya’ll about a few of the new beauty products I’ve been loving lately, so today, we’re talking beauty tidbits!

L’Oreal Paris Colour Riche Balm in Heavenly Berry

Ya’ll, this lipstick is so soft and yummy.
The Heavenly Berry is basically a neutral on me so I use it for every day. Because of the Balm feel and texture, the lipstick is super moisturizing and  leaves my lips really, really soft – and the smell is very beachy to me – maybe a tiny hint of coconut? It’s neither matte nor shiny – just the right amount of color and softness. If you aren’t so into the lipstick trend because you’re concerned that you’ll look like my mom in the ’90’s then I highly recommend starting with this one. It’s not scary, promise. Considering I grabbed this at Target on a whim, I’m super pleased.

Suave Dry Shampoo

I’ve tried many, many dry shampoos. Trust me on this. I have olive skin which means that I have very shiny but typically oily hair. If I’m rocking any sort of a bang you can be sure I’ve managed to squeeze a giant can of Suave Dry Shampoo in my clutch. Honestly, I get that the Suave brand might not have the salon vibe, but I’ve tried the Frederic Fakkai, Bumble and Bumble, Tresseme, Bed Head and Big Sexy Hair versions of dry shampoo and not one of them comes close to the Suave in my mind. And considering some of those brands will run you $20 for a can, the Suave price tag of something like $3 makes it even more of a fave. The smell of the Suave is really fresh and the spray only takes seconds to dry. Yes, the spray is white, which can be tough for a dark brunette like me, but you just spend an extra second rubbing it in and you’re good to go.
Side Note: my new friend Ashton is in the Beauty Biz and she swears to me that the newest Bumble will quickly become my new fave. I promised her that I would give it a try and would be honest on the blog if it trumped my trusty Suave. If you’ve tried it (it just hit salons in the past few weeks) then let me know!

Essie (Target version) Sole Mate

I love this color for Fall. It’s the perfect saturated burgundy that fulfills the super dark nail trend without being in the black or blue family. When I was working in an office environment in the South (which can tend to be a bit more conservative) I avoided wild nail colors – super saturated blues and anything that looked black didn’t seem quite right – but a dark red would certainly do the trick! I mentioned that I bought this color at Target because the bottle has “Essie” in white, not clear, so I’m not sure that you can find the exact copy in a Salon.
(Upon further googling, it looks like there should be a salon version as well, so go for it!)

This is a big week – by the time I hit the skies to head South on Thursday, I should have a new name (legally), our Christmas cards should be here (there was a major sale on and I couldn’t resist) and I’ll be an official Maine resident (weird).

Making big moves all over the place!

I missed ya’ll yesterday – promise not to skip again for a while!

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