Happy Friday, ya’ll!

I am so excited for this weekend – I’m headed to Rhode Island to celebrate a very special Bachelorette! I’ve hit all of the necessary stores to prep: Target, Spencers, Victoria’s Secret and, of course, the local sex shop in Bangor, Maine. I am the designated Booze Bringer and will have the pleasure of ransacking the New Hampshire Liquor Outlet (which sounds like Heaven On Earth) on my way into town. On the agenda for the weekend is a vineyard tour, sail boat booze cruise, margs and tearing up the town…..and of course, embarrassing our conservative Bride with lots of penis talk!


Plus, I get to explore Rhode Island and check it off of my North East Travel List….where should we head next??

Hope ya’ll have a fab weekend!

P.S. Thanks to M for yet another fabulous Lady Date last night…Update: Half off wine bottles hurts my heas the next day…4 for 4 on shutting down the Restauraunt!