Morning, ya’ll!
Justin’s parents were in town last weekend for their first trip to Maine. Seeing as it was their first ever visit, we thought we’d be super sweet hosts and jam as many Mainiac activities as possible into the 48 hours they were on Northern soil. Ya’ll are welcome!

Our signature first stop for visitors is a trip out to Acadia National Park. Thankfully, the park is open again after Shutdown so we were able to take in some of the best Maine scenery in peak Fall season. It was truly spectacular.

Clearly, the photos below are not from my less than fab camera or iPhone…thanks Bert and Mary for letting me steal your pics from your super fancy DSLR!

Sand Beach

Mary and Bert have a super crazy papparazzi lense on their camera….you should see how far away Mary was standing when she took these…

In typical Maine fashion, the Fall weather was touch and go…mostly cloudy, cold and windy…for a moment or two we were lucky enough to catch the sun….and then the rain…and a teensy bit of snow.

I think Mother Nature has a sense of humor…or my mind is just in the gutter

This spectacular view is literally from the side of the road. We pulled the car over, hopped out and climbed down a rocky “path” to catch the landscape. Pretty gorge huh?

Next stop on the tour: Thunder Hole
(which I have never once heard “thunder”…ever.)

(no filter above…love that color!)

Jordan Pond
My most favorite place in all of Maine

I am so grateful that Justin got to spend time with his parents and that Bert and Mary got to see our new home. Bonus points to the federal government, fall weather and Maine landscape for pulling it all together for us!

I have one empty guest room and the second opening up in the next few days….which one of ya’ll wants to visit next?!

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