I hate Halloween

There, I said it.
Shame me if you want, but I just can’t make myself like it.

I hate scary movies (I can’t even watch scary movie previews…instant channel change)

I hate how bad little kid’s manners are when they come to your door for candy

I hate slutty girl costumes…slutty cop? slutty fireman? slutty pineapple? I mean, what?!
(True Story: I couldn’t even find any pics of me in a costume on Facebook because I untagged them all! But I will admit to have been a slutty Little Miss Moffett and slutty Super Woman)

I don’t want a faux eye ball floating in my cocktail or a scarecrow to jump out at me from some dark corner of what used to be a nice restaurant.

Halloween: I’m out.

But this? This I can get behind…
(mostly because if anyone ever kidnapped me and tossed me into a haunted house, this is what I would look like)

And, just so ya’ll dont think that I’m the worst human ever, I will say that in our old neighborhood in South Carolina we sat outside in our driveway (Justin in full costume) to hand out candy to the one million kids that came to our house. Honestly, it’s just too effing cold to do that in Maine so I will be kind and put a bowl of candy on the front porch. Based on what I witnessed over the last few years, that bowl will be empty after the first kid, but hey, it’s better than nothing.

Happy Halloween Ya’ll!

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