Survival Strategy 207: Flee the Scene

I’m pretty sure that the very first piece of Survival Advice was bestowed upon us by our Real Estate Agent, Pauline.
She warned us that February was really the hardest month of the year here in Maine.


Because the Holidays are over, the snow has piled up, Spring should be just around the corner and yet there is nothing but darkness and some of the coldest temps of the year.
Pauline suggested that we plan a trip every year somewhere warm and very un-Maine like during the mont of February to re-stock on Vitamin D and bask in the warmth of a loving sun.

I’m not one to avoid good advice, so Justin and I have booked our February 2014 Flee the Scene Getaway to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico!



The plan is to literally lay in the sun, all day, every day, drink lots of high calorie cocktails and eat our way around the place (so, basically, Honeymoon 2.0).


But we need your help! We’ve set the dates and booked the flights, but we can’t seem to find just the right place to stay. Any suggestions? We’d love for ya’ll to point us in the right direction!

P.S. Happy Game Day, Tigers!
P.P.S. Husband, please don’t die in Clemson. Thanks.

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