Happy Monday ya’ll….or, whatever, it’s Monday.
The weather here suuuucks….cold, raining and disgustingly grey outside…plus, it’ll be dark in approximately 4 hours. In order to ignore the disgustingness outside, I’m going to focus on sharing my fabulous Lady Date with ya’ll!

On Thursday, Melissa and I hit up our fave 1/2 priced wine bottle night.
(we go so often, the servers know our preferred bottle to start with…then we sometimes get wild and try a new bottle for our second. i know, crazy right!?)
After a round of salads and bottle numbero dos, Melissa mentioned there was going to be a gallery crawl in downtown Bangor. My first thought was “there are galleries in downtown Bangor?”…but Melissa promised free wine and I actually loved gallery crawls when I lived in Charlotte, so I was completely game.

On Friday night, husbands were ditched and we began our adventure through the streets of downtown. I can’t really describe in words all that we saw that night, or how the night escalated so quickly, so I’ll just show you in pictures…

Tribal beads? Made in Maine?

(no need to pay $150 for these, you can find them on the side of the road)

A gravy boat made into a boat….

no explanation needed. Melissa asked to leave this room, it scared her.
(it had wine, so I was happy to stick it out)

our fave gallery space and artist

Melissa thought the next gallery space was set up in a bar….
She was wrong.
And the night went off course from here.

We found Mark!
(after two other bar stops…thankfully, not pictured)

And, once Melissa confessed that she really, really wanted to touch the bartender’s mustache, Mark told us it was time to go home. And he would drive us.

Not pictured: The trip to McDonald’s. The feeding frenzy in the car. The devastation when Mark told us that he hadn’t changed his clock from daylight savings and we hadn’t made it out to almost 2am.

Also not pictured: Mark dropping me off at my car around 11am the next morning…still in my going out outfit and slippers. Aaaaand with my giant, King sized comforter in hand, because Macie punished me for going out by getting on my bed and peeing on it. And, seeing as it’s dry clean only, I had to drop it off ASAP, even if I was still in my Friday night ensemble. Mark looked at me and said, “This looks so bad! No one would know you spent the night at your own house, that you own, and that you’re, like, married!”

Uh, thanks friend.

The end!

P.S. If you are a new reader, Mark is our roommate. Sadly, the Husband was away watching football last weekend and couldn’t drive me to fetch my abandoned vehicle. Or take the dog out so she wouldn’t spite pee on our white bed linens.

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